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The first book in the Vampire Kisses series enthralled me form the beginning, with its synopsis on how the teenager named Raven came to be. A young girl living in "Dullsville", she seems to be the odd one out with all the ordinary people, in her town. She's what they call, a freak, and takes the whole goth girl to a different level. Not only does she like the color black, but also is obeyed with vampires and the dark. When the Sterling family moves into the creepy mansion on Benson Hill, she wants to investigate, and see if they are vampires. When she does, Alexander (a sexy vampire from Romania), takes an interest in her. The love life they share is unique, since he is one of the shy and reserved types of vampires with a mysterious past. When she realizes her secret, he goes and flees to another town, and she wondered if theirs relationship is damaged. The new and inventive way Ellen Schreiber makes this relationship is very beautiful and heartfelt. Also, the vampires can't go out into the sun, can't tolerate garlic, and are immortal.


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