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They say two's better than one, unless it's another Michael Bay movie. And these eight sets of twins will undoubtedly make you wish your mother ovulated another egg or it split into two.

8. Zan and Jayna aka The Wonder Twins

These fraternal twins regularly appeared on Super Friends, along with their monkey sidekick Gleek. To activate their powers, they'd fist bump each other while wearing their special rings and announce the form they'd like to take shape of. And what's better than not only having super powers, but also your sibling? Especially if they make you look good by only being able to transform into a bucket of water.

7. Jim and Tim Possible

These mischievous twins were the younger brothers of teenage hero Kim Possible in Kim Possible. They were generally a source of annoyance to her and occasionally their parents, but proved to be resourceful at times, especially with their genius intellect and expertise in rocket science. Towards the end of the series they entered high school early, much to Kim's displeasure.

6. Zack and Cody Martin

Zack and Cody are another pair of troublemakers, whom surprisingly worked well together despite being polar opposites. While Zack was wild and carefree, Cody was kind of uptight and orthodox. Nonetheless, when trouble was afoot these two were continuously suspects and most often the perpetrators. The duo starred in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and its spin off The Suite Life on Deck.

5. Tia Landry and Tamara Campbell

In Sister, Sister, long lost twin sisters Tia and Tamara found one another and their parents (despite not being together) decided to all live together under the same roof, so not to separate them. They were the precursor to Zack and Cody, as they both had conflicting personalities. Tia was studious and conservative, while Tamara was a boy crazy and popularity obsessed. Yet, despite their different interests they could turn to one another emotionally and always felt most comfortable together.

4. Andy and Ollie Pesto

This duo might as well have been conjoined, since they're basically inseparable. In Bob's Burgers, identical twins Andy and Ollie are friends of the Belcher children, specifically Louise. Their behavior is questionable, such as: eating inedible foods like cucumber soap, giving one another fun-cussions, or spouting offhand remarks. Yet, they constantly retain an optimistic attitude and would do anything for each other. Even cutting one open so the other could crawl inside for warmth.

3. Patty and Selma Bouvier

Patty and Selma from The Simpsons are smoking, wise-crackers who almost always have an insult up their sleeve. They are very close, as they work at the same DMV and share an apartment together. It's probably a certainty that these sisters will remain with each other till the bitter end when Jub Jub eats their corpses. And honestly, there's no other person you'd want to enter eternal loneliness with than your sibling, especially a twin.

2. Dean and Hank Venture

Sons of Rusty Venture in The Venture Bros., Dean and Hank are teen adventurers apart of Team Venture. In an instance, they're best buds and in another they're wrestling on the ground. At the beginning of the series, they're easily excited boy scouts and now they're matured young adults after experiencing heavy stuff like heart break, finding out you're a dozenth clone of your original self, and realizing how they were raised has had serious implications on their current and eventually future lives. Yet, in the end, they know through thick and thin they'll always be there for one another.

1. Dipper and Mabel Pines

Dipper and Mable are the headliners of Gravity Falls, a mystery/comedy/drama TV show that has garnered a dedicated fan base of children and adults. These fraternal twins go to stay with their great uncle Stan at his mystery shack, and pretty quickly do they realize that their new location is infested with scandalous secrets and mythical creatures.

As with any siblings, they get on each other's nerves, but they also support one another and keep each other in check. And with their varying personalities they've also learned from one another. Such as Dipper becoming more outgoing and Mabel more assertive. And in a place where no one can be trusted for sure, they remain a team and would gone to any lengths to protect one another from anyone, or anything--including death.


Whom are your favorite set of twins?


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