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Firstly, if you haven't watched the Divergent movie, this article will obviously have spoilers all over it. Smaller ones, but spoilers just the same.

Honestly, when you look at the Divergent series and its following, there really is quite the following. With the first movie doing well, there's now a second on its way (Insurgent, in theaters March 20, 2015). However, it's stirred up enough discussion in a few different ways. Firstly, there's the fact that some people have thought of the theory that the world of Divergent is in the same world as Hunger Games. Some people have even gone so far as to suggest it is a rip off of the Hunger Games.

It is a good series in its own right, and it can't logically be in the same world as Katniss Everdeen. Not because there isn't allowed to be two strong independent female characters in one world, but because the third book dispels all that. However, I won't go into that in this article because I'm supposed to be talking about the movies. The books are a whole other matter (the last of which seems to destroy everyone, by the way. Just as a heads-up if you're wanting to keep your sanity intact.)

My topic here does pertain to Divergent and how it seems to bring elements of other worlds into it though. Elements. Haha. You'll see why that's funny in a moment.

Got it? Good. Amity are a peaceful faction. Now the real question. What do they wear?????? (No seriously that is my question.)


At the top we have those dressed in gray. Those are Abnegation. The trait they strive for is selflessness. It is also one of the factions highlighted in the movie as it is where Tris, the heroine hails from.

Next to them, we have the faction in question Amity. Dressed in red and yellow primarily, they prize peace over all else.

Dressed in blue, we have Erudite. Their prized characteristic is that of intelligence. In white and black looking all classy, we have Candor. They're the bluntly honest folks, and that's what they love about their faction. Lying is unheard of. Finally in black, we have Dauntless. Dauntless was focused on in the film as it is the faction Tris decided she wanted to join.

But back to Amity because they're the faction I'm focusing on. Not much was told in the movies about Amity, but there is more information in the books. Basically, the image I already posted sums it up. They love peace and they dress in yellow and red.

Hmmm...what other culture of peace who dresses in red and yellow do we have in cinematic or television culture...?

No no no wrong outfit Aang.

Sigh. Try again.

Yes. Thank you. Finally. Now I can actually get to my point.

See the above outfit? For the uninitiated, this is Aang. He is master of all four elements. Air, Earth, Fire and Water. Now you get my elements joke, right? Riiiiiiggghhhhttt. Anyways, Aang the avatar is from the TV series Avatar: The Last Airbender. When the world needed him most, he disappeared, etc etc etc. Air Nomads are characterized by the fact that their leaders are monks. They value peace and understanding over all else and dress in red and yellow. Sound familiar? You bet! They do have tattoos indicating their chi paths which differs from Amity though. Dauntless are the only Divergent world faction to have tattoos. However, it's still pretty similar.

I'm not saying Veronica Roth copied anyone. Since everyone seems all too eager to compare her to Suzanne Collins though, I will too. Suzanne Collins drew some inspiration for writing Hunger Games from watching TV. Survivor was on, with kids competing. On another channel was something about child soldiers in third world countries. They combined for her.

My suggestion is that something similar might have happened for Veronica Roth. Writers have a tendency to draw inspiration from their surroundings, often without even realizing it. Which gives us the possibility that Avatar: The Last Airbender might have been playing around Veronica Roth and you realize how awesome that would be if it was true, right?

Image sources courtesy of HarperCollins, Summit Entertainment, and Nickelodeon


What do you think? Was Amity inspired by the Air Nomads of Avatar: The Last Airbender?


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