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Everyone's often wondered, "Who would win a fight to the death, Superman, or the Hulk?" Well, I'm here to settle it with an epic battle between the two superhero powerhouses. Before I get started, I'm just going to let you know that I'm using traditional versions of the characters, no Superman Prime or anything. It might be a little long, but I hope you enjoy. So, are you ready for 12 minutes of awesome?!? Well, buckle up y'all, for an amazing, six-chapter story of Hulk vs Superman!!!!!!!

Chapter 1

As the dust settles over Metropolis, a once beautiful, rich, and thriving city now left in utter desolation, a dreadful sight is revealed. Superman, the city's protector, the Man of Steel, now battered and bruised, stands amongst the ruins of the city he tries so desperately tried to save, at his feet, the cold, lifeless body of one of his greatest foes of all, Doomsday, never to rise again! The few surviving citizens of Metropolis gaze in awe at the destruction of their city and at the broken body of their savior. Superman exhales, thinking that while he has defeated Doomsday once and for all, he did so at the cost of his city.

High above our hero, floats a strange piece of machinery. A camera lens, jutting out the front of the device, watches the silent figure. Inside of the machine, it processes the images it's receiving and then transmits them to it's point of origin, where those videos are being watched by a very disappointed android, Brainiac!

"Why?" he yells to himself, "Why must everything fail?!?! Will I never defeat that accursed Kryptonian?!?!"

Behind him, sits the machine he had built to control Doomsday's mind, to force him to submit to his will and kill Superman. He had thought the plan fool-proof, but was wrong.

He watches his screen as Superman flies away, his tattered cape flapping in the wind behind him.

"Argh!' he exclaims, throwing the computer to the ground, shattering it to pieces, "Doomsday was the only person left that could defeat Superman! Now, there's no one in this universe that could...." he pauses as realizes, "No one in this universe!!! Of course!!!!"

He rushes to a desk in the corner of his laboratory and yanks open a drawer. Out of the drawer, he pulls the first comic book issue of the Incredible Hulk, dated 1962.

Chapter 2

On Earth 616, Bruce Banner, the smartest man alive, is inside his laboratory in the Avengers Mansion, working on his Gamma Extractor, a device to permanently "shut off" the Hulk. His white button-up shirt and purple jeans have grease stains aplenty as he's working almost non-stop for three days straight. Bruce is leaning over the device, welding a metal sheet over some previously exposed wires, when the automatic door hisses open. In walk Iron Man, Captain America, Ms. Marvel, and the rest of the Avengers.

"Bruce." Iron Man says, "We need to suit-up. The Pentagon, and the White House are under siege by Hydra forces!"

"I can't just turn the Hulk on you know." Bruce states, as he lifts up his welders mask, "I have to get angry first."

"Well then, it's time to get ticked off!!!!" Iron Man says, annoyed.

"I'll stomp on his toe!" Hawkeye chimes in.

"Enough!" Captain America says sternly, "We've got a job to do."

Before anyone could even open their mouths to say anything in reply, the entire team, assembled in one room, were surrounded in a bright purple light. They appeared to be shredded into nothingness as the light intensified. They were suddenly standing, not in Bruce's lab, but in another. One with far more sophisticated looking machinery and walking towards them, they saw the green-skinned android walking towards them, grinning from ear to ear and wringing his hands. in delight!

"Well, this is new" says Hawkeye, putting an explosive arrow on the string of his bow, "Let's hit him!"

"Avengers assemble!!!!" yells Iron Man.

As Hawkeye lifts his bow and the rest of the team prepares for battle, Brainiac clicks a button on a remote-like device he had attached to his belt. Suddenly, they were blasted by the nearest of the machines in the room. The Avengers are now surrounded by a yellowish energy and Brainiac laughs uncontrollably!

"Now," he laughs, "they are all under my control!!!!!!!!!"

"Again with the mind control?" Hawkeye sighs, as his free will slips from his grasp.

Chapter 3

The Avengers fall to their knees, clutching their heads in their hands, instinctively trying to somehow keep the energy away from their minds, but there's nothing to be done. Brainiac is now in complete control.

Bruce, is trying to keep Brainiac out as well, but he's also trying to keep something in. The Hulk!!! He feels the anger! He's loosing control! The monster is coming! Still on his knees, he leans back and roars! His veins can be seen protruding from his neck as the gamma energy in his blood is awakened! His clothes begin to rip under the pressure of the growing mass of his entire body! His shirt is completely gone, his shoes are now destroyed, their fragments scattered on the floor, and only his ripped up pants are left clinging to his now green-skinned body! The Hulk is free! Although, he's still under the control of Brainiac.

The alien android places the remote back on his belt and approaches his new mindless weapons.

"It took me three months, but I finally finished the trans-dimensional teleportation beam. I used it to bring you people from your own dimension to mine." he says, very pleased with himself, "You see, our worlds aren't very separated at all really. Tales of your heroes have even made their way to our world and have been made into comic books." he holds up the Incredible Hulk comic book, "Now, you are mine to command. All of you! but mainly you Hulk." he walks towards the green giant, "I'm going to use your friends to distract the rest of the Justice League while you destroy that blasted Superman, once and for all!" he then breaks into laughter once again.

He goes to a screen on the mind-controlling device and starts clacking away at a key-board. The screen reads, "mind-set targets". He types in Thor's name and pairs in with Wonder Woman, setting his mind only on destroying the Amazon queen! He puts Hawkeye in a set with Green Arrow, Captain America with Hawk Girl, Iron Man with Cyborg, Ms. Marvel with Green Lantern, Black Widow with Batman, and Ant man along with Wasp against the Flash. He finishes with making the only thought in the Hulk's mind being the powerful urge to kill Superman by any means necessary. He presses a single button and the yellowish energy once again surrounds the Avengers, embedding the rage against their assigned opponents into their brains.

"Go and assemble my Avengers," he commands gleefully, "and destroy the Justice League!"

They all hurriedly set off to obey. All, that is, except for the hulking gamma monster. He stands with head bowed, grunting, panting, with rage burning in his fiery eyes.

"I said assemble!" Brainiac yells at the creature before him, "Go and kill Superman!"

"Hulk...." the incredible hero struggles to get the words out, " one's....puppet!" He screams it again, finding his strength, "HULK NO ONE'S PUPPET!!!!!!!!"

The Hulk is angry!!! He lunges forward, smashing Brainiac into the wall behind him. Brainiac tries to shield his face with his arms, but the Hulk continues to beat down on him. He roars and roars as he crushes him further into the ground. The being once known as Brainiac is no more. He is now dead, but the Hulk, in his fit of rage, doesn't stop. He beats upon the lifeless body. Bruce Banner, trapped inside the wild mind of the Hulk, yells at the monster, trying to regain control. He breaks through to him. The beast stops. He's not sure why, but he feels he should stop.

He pants as he looks down at the destroyed body of Brainiac, not quite remembering what he had just done. Terribly confused about nearly everything, he latches onto the one thought in his mind that he's is absolutely sure of. Superman. Must. Die. He lets out a mighty roar, that if anyone had been there with him, they would've been deafened by the noise. He then leaps into the air, smashing through the roof, and begins his hunt.

Chapter 4

Meanwhile, Superman flies over Metropolis, three months after his duel with Doomsday. Now, the city is being rebuilt, and things are returning to normalcy. He gazes at the ruins of the Daily Planet, yet to be repaired, thinking of when Lois, his coworker and love interest, still lived. Those were happy times. However, those times were cut short when she died during the Superman's battle against Doomsday.

As the Man of Steel hovers in place, imagining life before, he notices he's suddenly covered in a shadow as if something very large was just above him. Before he can turn to look, he's struck with a blow that could level mountains and sent plummeting to the ground.

Hulk stands over him, grinning. This one's gonna be easy. That's what he thought until Superman retaliated with a bone-shattering punch right into the Hulk's left jaw! The Hulk takes three steps back, steadying himself from the blow.

"This ought to wipe that stupid grin off your face!" Superman says, more annoyed than anything, "I don't know who, or even what you are, but you made a big mistake picking a fight with me."

"Hrmm!" Hulk grunts, then attacks!!!

He brings down his fist on Superman with all his might. Bringing up his hands, Superman grabs hold of the enormous fist, with eyes glowing, quickly getting brighter! The Hulk is brought to his knees as he's blasted in the face with the full power of the heat vision. Superman thinks he has nothing to fear from this newcomer if a single blast could fell him, but that just made the monster mad! Hulk jolts up into a standing position and delivers an uppercut to Superman, sending him hurdling through the air, crashing into several half-finished buildings.

As Superman recovers, he realizes this may not be a fight he can win. To be better safe than sorry, he reaches one hand up to the communication device in his ear, and the other he uses to wipe the blood away from his mouth. He contacts Batman on the device.

"Bruce...Bruce, are you there?" he says as he watches the Hulk bounding towards him, several blocks at a time.

"Kal!" he hears Batman's voice barely coming through, "We're under attack Kal! I don't know who these people are, but they aren't doing too bad! Hey! Now this redheaded chick is trying to shoot me!" Batman growls softly, "When will they learn that bullets don't work? We need you here Kal."

"I can't." Superman replies, while the Hulk drops through what's left of the roof, less than 100 feet away, "I'm being attacked by some green, hulking, monster!"

"Hmm," Batman replies, "He must be working with whoever's attacking us here in the Watch Tower."

The Hulk is now running towards Kal, raising his fist to attack! He roars once more as he prepares to strike down his enemy! Superman comes to the realization that he's going to finish this fight...alone.

Chapter 5

The Man of Steel blows the might of his super freeze breath directly into the chest of the rampaging beast. The Hulk is then completely encased in ice, but this only slows him down for a few seconds. He flexes his ginormous muscles and shatters the ice, only for Superman to send his fist directly into the face of the Hulk, landing him falling onto his back amongst the rubble.

"I'm not giving you an inch!" Superman says as he grabs Hulk's throat and lifts him into the air, "I'm taking you down nice and fast!"

"Hulk not need inch." Hulk struggles to speak, "Only need smash puny man!!!"

However, before Hulk can proceed to "smashing" Superman, the mighty Kryptonian punches him underneath the chin, sending flying straight upwards. Superman then fires another powerful blast of heat vision into the Hulk!

The whole time, Bruce Banner is trying to again break through to the Hulk trying to make him understand the folly of this pointless battle.

Back aboard the Watch Tower, the Avengers are savagely trying to rip apart the Justice League. Batman has already disarmed the Black Widow and they are now engaging in a battle of martial arts. Not far above them, Ms. Marvel fires a huge blast of yellow photon energy at Green Lantern, who attempts to make a shield from his power-ring, but the yellow blast flies straight through the shield, sending Hal Gordan falling to the ground. He lands next to Wonder Woman, who holds up her wrist bands just in time to block Thor's hammer, Mjolnir's mighty blow, which shatters the bands. The fragments land at the feet of Captain America just as he parries a blow from Hawk Girl's mace, and then proceeds to perfectly execute a roundhouse kick into her head. Above them, on a cat-walk, Green Arrow fires multiple arrows at Hawkeye, who shoots each of them out of the air with his own arrows, all the while making bad puns. Iron Man flies about, dodging Cyborg's sonic blasts until he fires his Uni-Beam, knocking the half man half machine out cold. Ant-Man, with Wasp already dead at his feet, had previously summoned millions of ants to try and overwhelm the Flash with shear numbers, but the plan was failing terribly. The battle rages on with the Avengers winning, due to their uncontrollable rage!

However, the great intensity of the battle of the Watch Tower seemed meaningless compared to the shear power of the duel between Superman and the Hulk!

Chapter 6 (be warned, this is a long one)

The Hulk spits green blood from his split lip at Superman, "That all you got?" he asks, ignoring the screams of Bruce Banner inside of him.

"I'm just getting warmed up." Superman chuckles, motioning with his hand to advance towards him.

The Hulk does! He leaps towards Kal El, bringing both fist down towards him. Superman skillfully steps out of the way and Hulk sinks his hands into the ground, sending debris flying in all directions.

"I'm just too fast for you." Superman grins, "You should just give up now. You don't stand a chance."

The Hulk just gets even more infuriated by Superman's taunts and rushes towards him again. The Man of Steel clutches a large fistful of the Hulk's flesh and crushes him into the ground. He then stomps on the beast, raises him up with his left arm, and sends his right arm into his stomach. The Incredible Hulk crumples to the ground and moans. He hears Bruce Banner yelling something about giving up now, but he doesn't listen.

Before he can get to his feet, Superman punches him in the left side of the face and then the right. He grabs the Hulk by the hair and flies up hundreds of feet into the air. He throws the Hulk with all his strength through dozens of buildings, all of them now toppling over into dust. Hulk doesn't have time to recover before he's once again grabbed by the hair and then thrown up, through the atmosphere, and into space.

Superman flies up, both fists hitting Hulk's stomach. He pushes him towards the Sun. Superman hits the Hulk repeatedly as they dash towards to Sun at a rapidly increasing speed! Bruce Banner, in the Hulk's mind, notices that Superman is getting stronger as he approaches the Sun. He formulates a theory in his mind.

Superman continues to push the Hulk along, until they reach Venus and he crushes Hulk into the surface completely destroying the planet!!! The Hulk gets mad! They've already come upon Mercury, and the Hulk makes his move. He throws Superman off and hits Mercury. It nearly shatters. Hulk grabs the planet and tries to hit Superman with it. Kal blocks the blow, raising his arm above his head. Mercury breaks into millions of pieces and Superman grabs Hulk and spins him around. He punches the beast in the chest which sends him flying towards the Moon!

He slowly looses speed, but then the Hulk collides into the Moon, creating a brand new crater amongst the thousands already occupying the surface and shattering several of his ribs. Moon rocks fly everywhere and Hulk sees Superman flying towards him to hit him...again. Hulk, embedded into the moon's face, reaches behind him and digs his huge fingers into the ground above his head. He brings his arms back over his head, the rage reaching highly dangerous levels, veins bulging about to burst, and hurls the Moon...directly into Superman!!!!!

Superman thought that he had this crazy green thing beat, but then, he was bludgeoned by a moon. The entire Moon shatters upon impact of the Kryptonian, pieces of all sizes being thrown out into deep space, and sends Superman spiraling back down towards the planet below. Bruce Banner notices Superman is back to his original strength now that they're further from the Sun. Hulk hears Banner's thoughts now!

The Man of Steel rams into the planet like a thousand ton meteorite, almost knocking Earth out of its orbit. Upon hitting the surface, he created a shock-wave that spread out covering all of Metropolis and the surrounding area, completely leveling it!!!!

The Hulk drops back down feet away from the broken Superman, who struggles to rise to his feet. Bruce Banner yells again to stop the Hulk before things get any worse, but let's face it, that won't work. Ignoring the screaming voice in his head the Hulk assaults Superman with all his strength! All of Superman's repetitive strikes, preventing the Hulk to fight back, enraged the beast so much that he was now three-times stronger than his caped adversary. Blow after blow the Hulk beats him. Superman can feel his strength being stripped away from him. He desperately tries to fight back, and punches at the Hulk. The Hulk catches his forearm and grabs Superman's shoulder with his other hand. He begins to push on the shoulder and pull on the arm. Bruce Banner is now screaming at the Hulk. Superman lets out a cry of his own as he feels his arm being torn away from the rest of his body. Hulk grins! Banner screams so loud his throat starts to bleed, but the Hulk will not yield. Superman futilely tries knocking the Hulk away, but the Hulk will not yield. Superman drops to the ground howling in pain holding the bloody knot where his arm once was. The Hulk tosses the arm to the side and jumps off into space.

Once he loses momentum and slows down, stopping half way to where Venus used to orbit, he turns so he's facing Earth's direction and smacks his hands together. The force of the impact propels Hulk even further towards the Sun. He continues to do so until he reaches the small star. It must be destroyed! It gives the enemy the upper-hand!

Hulk musters up all the rage he can find within himself, and releases one. Final. Clap! The force disrupts the equilibrium of all the gases making up the Sun and causes an intense, gigantic chemical reaction, resulting in the Sun turning into a huge bomb! The chemicals all react and explode, launching the Hulk at light speed back towards Earth! The Hulk prepares for the kill!!!!!!

Superman holds his shoulder and stands up with quivering legs. He feels his body recovering from the injury, but where did that thing go? Suddenly, the Sun seemed to flash. It expanded five-times larger than its usual size and then....darkness, complete and utter darkness. The Sun was gone. Superman dropped like a boulder, screaming at the agonizing pain his entire body was in. His strength, his power, was gone!

Just when he thought it couldn't get any worse, he saw a ball of fire falling straight towards him. Inside of fire, was the Hulk...smiling. Superman knew he was doomed. This was the end. After all the different people and monsters he had fought, this would be the last. He thought of Batman, one of his closest friends. He thought of the rest of his team members. He thought of the Kents, who took him in as a baby, and then suddenly remembered his real parents and his home planet Krypton. He thought of everyone he had ever known, but his final thoughts were with Lois. He thought how happy they'd be together in the after-life in just a few moments. That would be good.

As Hulk speeds towards his foe, he lets out a mighty cry, "HULK SMASH!!!!!!!!!"

All those thoughts and memories flashed through Superman's mind in a split second, and then......he was struck. Struck by the Hulk, with the mightiest blow that had ever been given in that universe. The Hulk's fist plunges deep into Superman's chest, bursting out through his spine. He had hit him with so much power, that the shock-wave started destroying the ground, making a crater, expanding across the entire country! It reached the crematorium where they were burning Doomsday, shredding the entire building into near nothingness! The lab containing the mauled Brainiac topples to the ground as the ground underneath it falls away. Within seconds of the hit, the entire globe rips cracks like an egg dropped a rock. The core of the planet is then torn to pieces, causing an enormous explosion! It blows all the fragments of the planet outwards, in all directions. It destroys the Watch Tower like paper, the combined split-second screams of both the Justice League and the Avengers are muffled under the sound of the explosion!

Hulk floats in space among the pieces of Earth, what's left of Superman, and everything else that was destroyed. dead.

Now that Brainiac's mind-controlling device has been obliterated and Superman is dead, the Hulk regains control of his thoughts. He floats, confused as to why he's here, hardly remembering any of the goings on previously that day. Before he can think too much about anything, he hears a loud zapping noise. He turns his weary head to see a giant space craft emerging from a portal. The portal closes as the ship fully exits it, and a small door on the side hisses open. Out comes the god known as Darkseid!

"You! Green one!" he yells, "I have dealings to do with you!!!!"

Hulk groans. From pain and from general annoyance of this whole day.

"Ready to get smashed?!?!" he roars back, as he gets really, really ticked off!

The End

"And cut!" Joss Whedon claps his hands together and grins as he finishes his latest major production, "And that's a wrap people!"

Well, what did you think? Keep in mind, this is my first fan-fiction, but I think I did all right!

Just to back up my decision to have Hulk win, I chose him, not just because I'm a MARVEL fan, but because Hulk and Superman are pretty equal right? Well, Hulk gets stronger the madder he gets. And that's not just a saying, it's legit! And the Beyonder, a cosmic entity of the MARVEL universe, says that there is no limit to how strong the Hulk can get. Superman can't do that, so Hulk can just get stronger and stronger until he can beat Superman, which is exactly what I did. And Bruce Banner being super smart helps too.

Did I do a good job? Let me know. Any feedback is appreciated, just try to keep it PG rated feedback Superman fans. ;) Thanks!


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