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I am a horrible person.

A lot of people died on the season finale of "The 100" and I was actually ELATED because none of them were people that I love. NONE of them. Still, an entire population of people (including children!) died incredibly sad and horrible deaths. I clearly need to reevaluate my life during the summer hiatus.

On to the show!

Jaha, Murphy and the remaining two redshirts (those poor guys) are still paddling after that drone. Jaha is staring ahead like a mad man while the two redshirts complain about lack of sleep and direction. Then things get way worse for them because things always get way worse on this show. Something bumps into the boat and causes redshirt one to lose his oar. While reaching for it, a giant sea worm monster pulls him in and eats him. After a bit of a scramble, Jaha pushes redshirt two off of the boat because sometimes you have to "sacrifice the few to save the many." Jaha has said this line multiple times over the past two seasons. Jaha may be CRAZY but at least he is consistent.

I was a little perturbed at Murphy for ragging on Jaha so quickly when just last season Murphy strangled two of his fellow delinquents to death. Then I remembered that character development is a thing and Murphy has grown up a bit this season. At least he's never lost his sass. "Your promised land sucks!" had me laughing for a good 20 seconds.

Octavia is still waiting in the Reaper tunnels when she runs into Clarke. Clarke tells her that Lexa made a deal with the Mountain Men and Octavia yells at her for ever trusting Lexa. And for the explosion at TonDC. And for letting Bellamy and all of their other friends down. Geez, Octavia. I get where Octavia is coming from but she hasn't been put in the same position as Clarke. Also, Octavia is like a super awesome warrior woman now but she is also still that naive girl that chased the butterflies in season one. She has experienced a lot of death and destruction but her journey is not the same as Clarke's. I'm sure the only person that has experienced what Clarke has experienced is Clarke. She's going to have to deal with a lot of hate for all of the things she has done this season.

Before Octavia can say anything else, Bellamy opens the door and YAY REUNIONS! Octavia hilariously points out that she knew Monty and Jasper would be fine because they are too scrawny to drill. It's cute but then sad when I remember that Monty was actually already drilled into for his bone marrow. This show.

Jasper realizes that Maya's suit is almost out of oxygen so he, Maya and Octavia head to Level 5 so she can breathe. Clarke, Bellamy and Monty head off to ask Dante for help because none of them know that he is an awful person again. Ugh, he's not awful. Well, he is a bit but he is just trying to save his people. Writing these blogs has made me realize that I have an EXTREME loyalty to the Arkers. Even crazy Jaha.

We are treated to one Grounder scene. I honestly do not miss them this episode. It's that whole loyalty thing I suppose. Okay, that's a lie. I'm happy about this Indra and Lincoln exchange. Indra is super loyal to Lexa and her people. She also spent some time with Octavia and clearly the girl left an impression. Octavia is awesome so it makes sense. Indra tells Lincoln that Octavia made her choice and now he has to make his. If he steps over the alliance lines set by Lexa and Mount Weather, Lexa will never allow him back into their clan. She then leaves a knife so he can get cut himself out of his ropes. I think she already knows what he will choose. I like to think that she approves, which is why she helps him in the first place. Indra is pretty great, too. I'll add her and Lincoln to my loyalty list.

Over in Mount Weather, Cage is walking amongst his people and for a hot second I forget that he is trying to kill all of my favorite people. Geez. I KNOW that Cage and Dante only want to protect their people. I also know that Lexa only wanted to protect hers when she betrayed Clarke and all of the other Arkers last week. I can still kind of hate them, though? Right? Their methods ARE pretty deplorable.

Speaking of deplorable, Emerson brings in the other group of Arkers which includes, Monroe, Abby, Kane and Miller's dad. Not the reunion Miller was expecting to have with his father. They better make it out of this! Abby makes it known that Clarke is her daughter. That's probably a terrible idea.

The Mountain Men could care less about all of the pleading and they decide to put Raven on the table for bone marrow harvesting. Wick freaks out and begs that they take him instead. Please don't take him instead! Please don't take any of them! This is cray. Things get even more cray when Raven goes full Mike Tyson and BITES A GUYS EAR OFF. HAHA. What even? She still ends up strapped down and her screams are so painful. Raven has probably been through the most physically on this show. She crashed to Earth all alone, got shot in the back, experienced leg paralysis, was practically blown up and is now drilled for bone marrow. She needs a long break. Preferably with Wick.

Bellamy takes Monty and Clarke to Dante and asks for more help. Dante refuses. As they walk to the control room, Clarke questions why he isn't on the 5th floor with his people. He says that he doesn't deserve to be after all of the harm he has caused. He says that he bears the responsibility so that his people do not have to. Smarty pants Bellmay uses his penchant for analyzing context clues and realizes that Dante is the one who made the deal with Lexa, not Cage. I think this changes things for Clarke.

Inside the control room, Monty brings up monitor feeds from all over the mountain. They see Raven on the bone marrow table and this motivates Clarke into action. She radios Cage and proposes swapping Dante for her people. Dante quickly tells his son not to consider the proposition. Cage is clearly upset about this recent development. He doesn't think Clarke has the gall to shoot his father. She responds, "then you don't know me very well" and now I believe that dark Clarke is the scariest.

Cage considers his options and tells his father that he will take care of their people. He chooses his people and Clarke shoots Dante. Buh-bye! Cage is furious when Clarke then threatens to irradiate all of Level 5. He stomps off to the dorm room and demands they take Raven off of the table and put Abby on. Kane freaks out and tries to tell Cage that they will donate bone marrow. It doesn't have to come down to forced extraction and murder. See, these are the very useful conversations that these people should have had many episodes ago. Too much has happened for this to be reality, though, Kane. Cage is upset about his father. Clarke is upset about her people. Every action has led to this and Cage won't just change his tactics now. It's personal.

Jasper and Octavia manage to lead Maya to Level 5 where she can properly breathe again. Jasper then decides that he has to kill Cage. That's how he believes this will all end. Maya gets a fellow sympathetic to the cause guard to "capture" Jasper and take him to the bone marrow room. Octavia tells him to slash, not stab. Octavia is the best. Have I said this already?

While they wait, Octavia and Maya talk about possibly getting Maya back to Camp Jaha where they have the airlock that can contain her until they figure something else out. While having this girl chat, two Mount Weather teens randomly decide to stumble into the room and use it as a make-out spot. Weird. Clearly the Mount Weather people have ZERO idea what's happening in their own home. The two teens freak out and Octavia goes after them. She does this insanely cool kick thing down a hall and takes out two guards that join the party. Unfortunately, she and Maya are captured when they try to flee into the dining area currently holding the entire population of Mount Weather.

After reaching land, Jaha and Murphy separate. Murphy is injured and pretty tired after the altercation with the sea worm. He is also completely over Jaha's particular brand of crazy. When Murphy wakes up next to a light house he goes to explore and finds a hatch. A HATCH! No, I won't make any references to that one show. Ugh. Sorry. I just wanted to say it's name.

Murphy discovers a REALLY cool underground bachelor pad. There's a pool table, an entire wall of wine and "Werewolves of London" playing on an automatic sound system. LOL. I just have to say that I am SUPER happy that Richard Harmon is going to be a series regular for season three. I could honestly watch him explore his new bunker pad while munching on a pop-tart ALL DAY.

Bellamy, Clarke and Monty are currently holding a lot of lives in their hands over in the control room. This sequence is so intense. Monty figures out a way to irradiate Level 5. All Clarke needs to do is pull a lever. She knows she has to do it. Cage has left her almost no choice. Bellamy begs her to remember that there are children and people who helped the delinquents currently in Level 5. The two leaders begin to observe the control room screens though and see that their people are in serious danger. Jasper is taken to the dorm room with the others. Abby is being harvested for bone marrow. Octavia is currently being held in Mount Weather's great room, seemingly about to be executed. Bellamy sees her and utters "my sister, my responsibility." Knowing that his loyalty lies with his sister, his people and Clarke, he places his hand over Clarke's and says that they will pull the lever together.

1. YES to the return of the Clarke/Bellamy leadership dynamic. I've missed their scenes together. So much. And YES to Bellamy trying to shoulder some of the responsibility because he knows that it shouldn't be Clarke's to bear alone. More on that later, though.

2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE when writers deliver on show continuity. Bellamy's whole motivation in season one was protecting his sister (okay, and a little bit himself at the beginning, but he got back on track rather quickly) because his mother told him that Octavia is "his sister, his responsibility." Bellamy was clearly against any sort of plan that involved hurting the innocent of Mount Weather. There are very few things that I believe Bellamy would do if it meant sacrificing innocent people. Saving his sister is definitely one of those things. She is his sister, his responsibility. Repeating the mantra that he grew up with made his sudden decision to join Clarke in pulling the lever tragic but understandable.

3. After silently thanking the writers for that small bit of character continuity with Bellamy saying, "my sister, my responsibility", I read on twitter that Bob Morley ad-libbed that line into the scene. So, no credit to the writers but ALL OF MY LOVE TO BOB MORLEY. The writers will get an awesome parallel shout out later, though, so yay them!

All that said, I was happy that they did this together but I wish that they didn't have to do it at all. All of the Mount Weather people die in front of them. Including the children. Bellamy later points out that all of the issues between the Arkers and the Mountain Men would have never stopped. It's an all around terrible situation with no easy solution.

An unfortunate side-effect of irradiating Level 5 is that Maya is a casualty. Jasper holds her as she's dying and laments that she is innocent in all of this. Maya replies that none of them are innocent. This is getting deep. I understand Jasper's grief but it's hard for me to see any scenario in which Maya survives this. She can't live outside of Mount Weather without the bone marrow treatment. There is zero assurance that the bone marrow is even a permanent solution. They would have to get her out and into a suit so they could transport her back to the airlock chamber at Camp Jaha. Everything happens so fast for the people in Mount Weather, there really was never any hope for Maya to live out a normal life with Jasper. I hope he is able to understand why Clarke, Bellamy and Monty did what they did but I feel like he is going to be pissed well into season three.

Bellamy, Clarke and Monty are reunited with their people in the dorm and that's all I've ever wanted this season. Too bad the cost to obtain this is astronomical. Clarke's reunion with her mother is ridiculously sad. Clarke says that she only was trying to be the good guy. Abby states that maybe there are no good guys. Theme of the season, y'all. Maybe there are no good guys, just people trying to survive. Sometimes that requires bad guy decisions but it doesn't necessarily make you a bad guy. But maybe everything they have done to get to this point prevents them from being wholly good. This episode is simultaneously crushing and fueling my soul.

A bit that fuels my soul is Kane telling Bellamy that he did well and suggesting that they both lead their people home. These two have come a long way from the beginning of the season. I am LOVING it. Also, I'm glad that it seems like Bellamy may get the recognition he deserves for all that he has done since arriving to Earth. YAY!

Cage manages to get out of Mount Weather during the irradiating. His escape from death doesn't really last long because outside Lincoln comes charging at him like some kind of Greek god. Cage uses the Reaper tone generator to stop Lincoln but Lincoln fights through it and slices off Cage's hand. OW! To add insult to injury, Lincoln injects Cage with the Reaper drug. He literally gives him a taste of his own medicine. How many times can I say that I love this show before you hate me? I don't care. I LOVE THIS SHOW.

Finally, the delinquents arrive at Camp Jaha for the first time since the Ark crashed to Earth at the end of season one. I really hope that some of them are reunited with their parents. At least Miller and his dad were. It's was beautiful and NO, I DIDN'T CRY. I kind of wanted to, though. Raven, carried in by Wick (did he carry her the entire way? dang, son.), finds a sweet moment to give Jasper his goggles back. It really highlights the fragile state that Jasper is in because he doesn't even appear to care about an item that used to bring him happiness.

Once everyone files into camp, Bellamy notices Clarke hanging back. Hello, new favorite scene. Clarke isn't going to join them at Camp Jaha. Clarke's journey this season has been brutal. She killed a boy that she loved, she was co-responsible for allowing a missile to kill hundreds of people at TonDC and she just murdered an entire people group at Mount Weather. Bellamy tries to shoulder some of the blame. He tries to take some of the guilt, but Clarke repeats Dante's words from earlier and says that she will "bear it so they don't have to." I think it's less that she wants to spare her people's feelings and more she needs to figure her life out. I don't necessarily think it's smart for her to just leave by herself but I never expected Bellamy to try to go with her. His duty lies with their people. I think Clarke knows that and trusts him to take care of them while she is gone.

Anyway, this scene between Bellamy and Clarke is beautiful for at least 1,000 reasons. One being that it parallels the episode "Day Trip" from season one. In that episode Bellamy tries to leave camp because he knows that the Arkers coming to Earth will punish him for shooting Jaha. It also turns out that the guy is harboring some MAJOR guilt for the part he played in multiple atrocities since arriving to Earth. Clarke pleads with him and offers him forgiveness for the culling of 300 people on the Ark. If forgiveness is what he needs, she is wiling to offer it to him. It was one of my favorite scenes in the first season because it showed just how quickly these two characters had gone from mutual disdain to mutual respect and understanding.

In present time, Bellamy offers Clarke forgiveness if that is what she needs. It's a perfect parallel to their conversation in "Day Trip." In that episode, Bellamy took the forgiveness. It's what he needed and it ended up bringing him to a really great place. Clarke isn't Bellamy. He can offer his forgiveness and ask her to please join them at Camp Jaha, but Clarke feels the guilt too deeply. She can't look at the people in Camp Jaha without the guilt crushing her. Clarke needs to be alone and that is what she is going to do. Can Eliza Taylor and Bob Morley just share every scene in everything they ever do together from now on? Please? Ugh. It's too bad that Clarke is leaving and they are going to be separated AGAIN. Clarke kisses Bellamy on the cheek, gives him a "may we meet again" and walks off into the woods.

At this point in the series, Bellamy and Clarke are two halves of a whole. I don't really know what that whole consists of, or could consist of, but it's obvious that their relationship is deep and powerful. They compliment each other. They keep each other in check. They balance each other out. It's awesome.

Clarke was basically told all season how to lead. Lexa pushed her leadership philosophies on Clarke. Abby, in some ways, pushed hers. Even Kane offered advice that reflected the ways of old. Clarke has never really had a moment to consider her own way in this world. What is great about Bellamy and Clarke is that he doesn't try to project his own beliefs or whatever onto her. In season one he tells her that "who they are and who they need to be to survive are very different things." This resonates with season two Clarke because she has had to make some incredibly difficult decisions to keep her people alive. Bellamy understands this and doesn't condemn her for her choices. He, instead, chooses to understand who she is and supports her.

I feel like a broken record when I say that regardless of whether or not their relationship ever turns romantic, they are the deepest and most interesting relationship on this show. I know that people and critics were all over Clexa and yes, it was intriguing but I honestly think that we all just forgot how amazing the Bellarke journey has been over the course of two seasons. I really enjoy watching them grow as individuals and grow together. It's refreshing to see a female/male friendship like theirs blossom into something way more meaningful than the easy will they or won't they sexual tension trope.

The last bit of the episode focuses on setting up season three. Murphy is hanging out in the bunker, watching a video recording of its previous owner. The man in the video talks about a "her" and how this "her" got ahold of some launch codes or something. Basically, it must be horrible because the man shoots himself. Murphy doesn't even flinch. Question: If that guy shot himself in the bunker, where is his body? Did someone come and get it? Did he misfire? People do that a lot. I didn't see any bones so something has to be up!

I am assuming that Jaha found this mysterious "her" when he stumbles upon a really fancy house. Is this the Promised Land? Ehh… There are lots of drones flying around which makes me believe that whoever is controlling them is keeping tabs on our people. When Jaha enters the house he meets a woman who calls herself Allie. Or actually A.L.I.E because she is a hologram! Artificial intelligence! Jaha is upset because he believes that his destiny is all a sham but A.L.I.E. already puts him in his place. She says that he is made of carbon and she is made of silicon. His thoughts are chemical and hers are digital. Basically, respect her JAHA! She has the plan. She has your destiny! I love this show. Anyway, A.L.I.E thanks Jaha for bringing something to her. It's the missile he arrived to Earth in! Oh. It's a missile. Um. Okay, A.L.I.E. you're probably crazy. You caused that guy in Murphy's bunker to shoot himself! I assume. I really shouldn't assume anything with this show.

End of finale!

Artificial Intelligence plots are my jam, y'all! I also LOVE the actress playing A.L.I.E. She was on one of my favorite shows ever, "Eureka." If you haven't watched it yet, please do! It's fun and campy sci-fi. It'll be a good reprieve from all of the soul crushing that "The 100" causes.

I only began watching this show last October when I binged the first season on Netflix in one weekend. I caught up with the first few episodes of season two and then had to agonize over the weekly breaks and two month hiatus. Basically, my five-month relationship with this show has been a whirlwind of awesome. My feelings for Bellamy went from "eww, this guy. you are terrible" to "OMG, THIS GUY. YOU ARE PERFECT." I love that this show challenges me to think about difficult topics. Who gets to decide who lives and who dies? What are the true implications of sacrificing the few for the many? Is our world destined to only ever be in conflict? What I love more is that this show gives us a plethora of complex characters. Loveable characters, hateable characters, hilarious characters, infuriating characters and all of the morally grey you could want in a television show about surviving in a post-apocalyptic world.

This is the first time I've had to endure a summer hiatus for this show. I've already witnessed the fandom go from relatively peaceful to full on war. It's probably because the cruise ship S.S. Bellarke finally has another ship threatening its waters. Still, the "The 100" fandom is hilarious and creative. It's a fun place to be when you ignore the crazies and just revel in the wonder that is this zany show. Maybe at some point I'll make a season three wish list. For now, I'll just thank all the stars that my favorites have lived to see another terrible day on this post-apocalyptic Earth.

May we meet again.

Jaha, out!


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