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Avengers Tower, 10:33 PM

"Sir, it appears that we have a security breach." Jarvis alerted. Tony quieted his Guns n' Roses and continued working on one of his latest suits. That kid back in Tennessee was right, a camouflage suit was a great idea. Stark was fond of flare and pizzazz so he never thought of approaching battle stealthily before.

"Just tell Steve. He's still in the building right?" Tony asked.

"I'm afraid Mr. Rodgers is out at the moment." Jarvis informed.

"Fine, what floor is the intruder on?" The Avenger Tower had gotten intruders before, mostly teenage punks hoping to grab something as a souvenir to show their buddies. Tony had found out that if he showed up with his Iron Man armor on, not only would the punk be scared off, but they would have quite a story to tell their friends.

"I don't know sir. I don't have any visual confirmation from the security cameras." Jarvis said hesitantly. This certainly wasn't ordinary. The punks usually were incredibly conspicuous. Perhaps they were in a blind spot or something.

"Start a thermal scan floor by floor. I'll go get suited up." Stark started towards the suit he had on the far wall, but there was something, or someone rather, in his way.

"You weren't supposed to be here." The figure growled in a low, menacing voice.

"What so a guy can't work late once in a while?" Tony asked, eyeing the suit behind the dark figure. "Remind me again, do I know you?"

"The suit. Where is it?" Tony could have swore that he had heard that voice before.

"I hate to tell you buddy but I have a lot of suits, though I don't think any of them belong to you." The figure responded to Stark's quip with a quick flick of a wrist, launching a projectile straight towards him. Tony tried to dodge but the projectile nicked his cheek, making a neat stream of blood on his face.

"Well then." Tony shot his hand forward and the suit on the wall flew over to him. He had perfected the calibrations after the fight with Killian, and he was glad he did. The suit fit itself around his body and the blue eyes came to life ,shining on the room. "Game on."

He raised his hand and shot a repulsor beam, but the figure had already moved out of the way with a flourish out of his dark cape. Tony tried to shoot again, but the figure dodged yet again. The figure jumped forward and kicked Tony square in his arc reactor, sending him backwards into a table.

"Who is this guy?" Tony asked aloud. Suddenly the power shut off, and once Tony activated the lights of his helmet, he saw the that the figure had crept up, staring straight through the slots in his helmet.

"I'm Batman." he said. Iron Man punched forward and hit Batman, but the Dark Knight had braced himself and was barely injured. Batman thrust forward in a flurry of punches, each one well placed in the weakest points of Tony's armor. Every time Tony would try to retaliate, Batman would simply juke the blow and retreat into the shadows.

"Jarvis, let's get the lights back on." Tony requested, as he searched for signs of movement.

"I'm trying sir, but it seems as if someone has manually hacked our power system." Jarvis explained. "I can disable it, but it will take time."

"It always does." Stark groaned. He saw a twitch of movement and he immediately shot at it with a repulsor. It connected with Batman's chest, knocking him to the ground. Tony didn't hesitate a second. He used his thrusters to shoot himself forward and slammed against Batman pummeling his metal face against Batman's jaw.

The Dark Knight pulled out a small clip and pressed it against Tony's suit. The clip shot out streaks of electricity across his suit. Tony slumped off of Batman and fought to regain control of the suit. When he could finally move again, he noticed that Batman was headed towards the prototype of the camouflage suit.

He aimed a small missile at Batman's back, and when it connected the explosion sent bits of his new suit everywhere. Great, Tony thought, just when I thought I was almost done.

Batman pulled his grappling hook from his belt shot it at Iron Man. The clamp of the hook closed around Iron Man's wrist and the Dark Knight pulled hard, sending Tony to the ground. Just to make sure Tony didn't get up, he tossed a small grenade that exploded, freezing Iron Man's suit to the ground instantly.

Confident that he had succeeded, Batman strode over to the pieces of the disassembled suit. Fox said that the technology put into Stark's suit could hold the secret to making Batman's own suit capable of camouflage. This way, Batman could achieve his stealth operations in day or night. Fox also made it clear that Stark would never just hand over his tech willingly, so Batman came ready to fight.

As soon as the Dark Knight laid his hands on a piece of the suit. The lights flickered back on.

"Sir, I managed to override the lights." Jarvis informed Tony through his suit.

"Thanks Jarvis." Tony shot the ground with his repulsors, providing enough momentum to shatter the ice holding him down. The suit shot up and crashed against the ceiling before coming back to the ground.

Panicking, Batman grabbed a piece of the armor, hoping that it would be enough, and ran for the large window overlooking New York. He crashed through and extended his cape, gliding peacefully down towards the street.

Tony followed through the window, using his thrusters to catch up quickly. He tackled Batman in mid-air and crashed him into the side of a nearby building. As soon as Tony pried the suit piece from Batman's hands, he used his wrist laser to maim his cape, making the rest of Batman's fall less than graceful.

"Sorry Batty, I don't share my toys." Stark quipped as he flew back to Avengers Tower. As he looked back, he saw the Caped Crusader fall hard onto an object that solidified in mid-air. Batman crawled into the object, a jet to be more precise, alongside a patriotically garbed woman in the pilot's seat.

That's it folks! I hope you liked my match up. Did you agree with the outcome? Disagree? Let me know in the comments below!


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