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After a series of doubtful episodes, in which Sleepy Hollow adapted a case-of-the-week format for the sake of ‘fun’, [Sleepy Hollow](series:839489) rounded off its second season with both, a fun, nostalgic and promising two episodes. It seems apparent to fans, and more importantly (in this instance) writers, that this combination for good writing, can exist without compromise.

Reason enough to forgive the rest of the season’s faults, Sleepy Hollow has us begging for a third season. Whilst still some of the better tv on air, Sleepy Hollow was becoming down trodden with Katrina’s fluctuating witch abilities, and the rejects from purgatory.

Whilst time travel often revolves around the notion of trying not to alter history, we all hoped Abbie’s journey to Ichabod’s 18th century Sleepy Hollow, was ripe with the opportunity to change things.

Whilst the concluding episode did nothing to redeem plot mishaps it still managed to symbolically cement the bond between Abbie and Ichabod...and get rid of Katrina.

It is ironic to consider that the only way our distaste for Katrina changes when she accepts our disdain, and her darker side, to join forces with Henry. I’m mercilessly glad that Katrina didn’t sway from evil and get her happy ending - even if that meant she never became evil in the first place. Time travel paradoxes ensuing aside, Katrina fortunately left our screen as her character got to go to the great beyond with Henry.

Exciting for next season is Irving’s inclination that his wife and daughter are witches. A point made to hint that the witches are far from gone; especially when Grace Dixon informs Abbie that her witchy journal is hers to complete.

Adding complexity, and moving away from the fleeting presences of random supernatural figures, a more plentiful presence of witches born within modern day Sleepy Hollow - and not from the pits of purgatory - is an exciting one.

It is also exciting to see Abbie and possibly Jenny’s characters develop with witchcraft.

Also yet to be answered is the extent to which Ichabod will mourn Katrina; whose death he accepted as necessary. It is time for Ichabod to leave his connection to the past in his wardrobe, and fully immerse himself to the matter at hand.

Ironically, Abbie’s connection to her past and her ancestors will be pivotal this coming season.

With Abbie’s travel to the past paralleling with the show’s pilot, Sleepy Hollow is symbolically, and narratively giving itself a fresh start.

I’m choosing to optimistically view Showrunner Mark Goffman’s exit as opportunity for this much needed revival.

So, please, please *losing all tact* PLEASE renew Sleepy Hollow.


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