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The Wrap: reports that he's in talks to join I Am Wrath, an action film previously set to star his Face/Off co-star Nicolas Cage.

I Am Wrath follows "a man out for vigilante justice after a group of corrupt cops are unable to catch his wife’s killer." That's about as generic as it gets, so it's tough for me to really get excited about this. It seems like Travolta is just trying to cash in on the "old guy stars in an action movie" fad that's going around right now:

Liam Neeson with Taken, Kevin Costner with 3 Days to Kill, Sean Penn in The Gunman...the list goes on. Chuck Russell (Eraser, The Mask, The Scorpion King) is set to direct, and a supporting cast is expected to be hired soon.

Filming begins next month in Columbus, Ohio, And attracts even some movie star locals that rumored could appear like Traci Kochendorfer.

which for some reason seems like a fitting place for a movie that sounds this forgettable to shoot. (Apologies to any Columbus-based readers out there.)


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