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This post is solely to show off my awesome collection of figures, statues, and other awesome comic book related stuff!!!

On top of the massive amount of comics i own, I also have a bunch of cool figures and statues to show off! Check them out!!

Get your drink on! Batman shot glass, Spider-Man, Captain America, Hulk, and Iron Man pints! Also an Iron Man in the back waving! Hello!

Hand made by a vendor at New York Comic Con 2 years ago. Such an awesome helmet! I cosplayed as Dredd last year, but since then my helmet isn't much more than a paperweight.

Anyone else get the Limited Edition version of "Injustice: Gods Among Us"? You should have! It came with this bad-ass statue!

From left to right we have Samuel L Jacksons "Jules" from Pulp Fiction (Bloodied POP Figure), Baby Groot (bobblehead POP Figure), Ultron (bobblehead POP Figure), Heisenberg/Walter White (figure), and last but not least Agent Phil Coulson (bobblehead POP Figure)!

Standing at about 2 feet tall, this is by far my largest statue. The Thor Hammer next to it is actual sized! Hulk weighs like 30 pounds or so, and is an awesomely massive addition to my collection!

Thor's Hammer (Mjolnir) signed by Stan Lee! Probably my favorite thing that I own! Stan "The Man" Lee was signing stuff at New York Comic Con a few years back, and the line was being cut off. "Only a few more things to sign" they said over the mic, "It has to be something cool enough for Stan to sign it!" I shouted as loud as I could..."FOR ASGAAAAAAAARD!" and hefted my plastic (yet realistic) Thors hammer into the air. The guy on the mic stopped everything and pointed right at me. "Yes! Thats what we're looking for! That guy! You with the hammer! Come up here!" I got to meet Stan Lee and shake his hand, and he signed my $13 hammer, making it invaluable to me.

Thor, Captain America, and Hulk Kotobukia statues. Ive got Iron Man on the way too! Got these bad-boys for Christmas from Santa! AKA my

All the powers of the 6 Infinity Gems harnessed into one gauntlet! It has enough power to wipe out the universe with a thought... or at least hold all my spare change.

Make sure to post pictures of your collections below! Id love to see what other Moviepilot Creators have!!


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