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The Theatrics And Spectacles of The Show.

There's no denying that over her career Katy Perry has struck music record history multiple times. Katy has given the world great performances from her post-christian rock beginning. Whether it was at Warped Tour, or her latest break at the Super Bowl Half Time Show- she never has a bland scene around her!

Katy at warped tour 2008
Katy at warped tour 2008

Katy Is Like A Phoenix

Katy started songwriting as a kid and began in the christian rock genre due to her parents being traveling preachers. When she separated from the religious music and tried to create her own genre she was shut down and turned away by so many record labels. She had hit a point in her life when she was broke, lived in her car, and felt lost in life. Then "I kissed a girl" hit the radio and it exploded in popularity. Ever since then Katy has worked hard to get to where she is now and deserves every perk that comes with it.

enjoy this blast from the past-

The Prismatic World Tour Costumes Are Breathtaking!

Katy has never been known for boring performance costumes, and she most likely never will! During the concert she goes through more than 10 changes and each piece is its entirely own uniqueness.

Just take a look for yourself!

She Goes Acoustic for A Portion of The Concert.

For a few songs Katy serenades the crowd in a beautiful butterfly infused dress, pastel rainbow wig, soulful backup singers, and a sunflower microphone. I know, I know, "You're the author you shouldn't tell your opinion" but i still will. This portion of the pop queen is personally my favorite, it shows that behind all of her bold and strong walls she has her roots and that shes truly genuine within.

Here's her "The One That Got Away/ Thinking of You" part of her acoustic session.



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