ByFiore Mastracci, writer at

SLEEPY HOLLOW is a hit for Fox Television, but the show could be nixed after two seasons, or experience major changes, should it return.

The uncertainty began when show runner Mark Goffman left the series this week to sign a contract with competitor CBS. With Goffman gone, Fox is uncertain how to proceed with the show. Like many well-written, but high-concept programs, SLEEPY HOLLOW is expensive to produce. Fox is considering a multitude of options to cut the costs of the program, including changing the shows production location. Rumors are circulating Goffman jumped ship because he knew changes were coming to the show, and he was not in favor with them.

In a press conference with reporters, Fox CEO Dana Walden stated Fox is making no decision on the show for now.

"We're excited about some creative changes on the show, and bringing it back to something that feels a little bit more episodic in nature, that has closure, and doesn't feel quite so serialized," Walden said.

Her quote does not bode well for those who love the show in its current form. While the first season ended with a major cliff-hanger, the second season concluded with an ending that could lead to a third season or conclude the series. While Walden heaped praise on stars Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie, she claimed the show was too chronological for viewers. She would rather the show have each episode stand on its own, enabling new and casual viewers to not feel left out. But part of SLEEPY HOLLOW's success is its continuing narrative, with reoccurring characters. The new approach could change the tenor of the program.

SLEEPY HOLLOW slipped slightly in the ratings this season, but only by 0.1%. Still, Fox released plenty of PR releases highlighting the dip to pave the way for the show's possible cancellation. These negative campaigns are common when studios want to drastically change a show, or possibly sell it off to another venue, much like A&E did with LONGMIRE.


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