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So, as you may all know, Valiant Comics, a comic book company created by former Marvel Editor-in-Chief Jim Shooter (Black Panther #13, 1979; Ms. Marvel #5, 1978) and former Marvel Comics writer/editor Bob Layton (Ghost Rider #9,11 & 13,1978; John Carter, Warlord of Mars #17,1978), is about to hit the big screen along with their older brothers Marvel and DC. And, of course, some projects that are already on the way are characters like 'Shadowman,' 'Archer and Armstrong,' and 'Bloodshot.' See the link below:

So let's talk about some of Valiant's other masterpieces that deserve a spotlight, both big and small screen.

XO Manowar

Aric of Dulcia, bearer of Shanhara, the XO Manowar armor. I don't know why they didn't consider taking this character to new heights years ago. Then again, he did have a special crossover video game with Marvel's icon, Iron Man a number of years back. So I guess he had to start somewhere. But still, this movie needs to happen, indefinitely.

I played it.... not so bad.
I played it.... not so bad.



Or simply Solar, Man of the Atom, Dr. Solar, and so on. Now, when I got a look at the costume, I thought, "Oh, well, they can just give him a better look in the movies." That may just happen. Not promising anything, though.

Origin: In the Valiant Comics version, physicist Phil Seleski was exposed to lethal doses of radiation after ironically succeeding in shutting down a failed fusion reactor experiment. After become Dr. Solar, he fights off creatures like the Spider Aliens, Harbingers, and someone called Mothergod.

Who knows, this might work. Even if it doesn't, producers will fix it right up and do something better.

H.A.R.D. Corps

According to Bob Layton, he and fellow writer David Michelinie set out to do HARD Corps because they like "light-hearted, bash'em in the face, sock'em guys."

And from the looks of it, I think this group would fit well on both the big screen and the small screen. But that's just from the looks point-of-view. I admittedly haven't read about this group, but I'm sure the producers will find a way to make this assortment fit, and that is if they get the "A-OK" to do it.

And that's just a few of what capabilities Valiant Entertainment has in their arsenal. And they have a lot more, but for now, I pretty much made my point. If you've read Valiant Comics and have an idea of what Valiant should do, please leave your comment below!

(Fingers cross on XO Manowar!)


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