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Alot of people may not Remember Freakylinks, the show ran from October 2000 to an abrupt end in November 2001 on the FOX network. For a final run of 13 episodes. (1 season)

The Storyline focuses mainly on Derek Barnes (Ethan Embry) Set in Orlando, Florida. Derek ran a website called "" that searched for truth behind paranormal Events and urban legends, Helped by his friends Lan Williams (Lizette Carrion), Jason Tatum (Karim Prince), and Chloe Tanner (Lisa Sheridan), his brother Adam's girlfriend.

Derek took over after his twin brother, Adam (the Creatior of a more serious website called ""), died under mysterious circumstances; a Dark stranger by the name of Vince Elsing (Dennis Christopher), who claimed to have been the subject of strange scientific tests that left him with paranormal abilities, occasionally contacted Derek about Adam. The show's episodes revolved around Derek and his friends investigating supernatural claims for the website and uncovering clues that reveal the truth of what happened to his brother.

Soul trademark
Soul trademark

FreakyLinks (originally titled "Fearsum" months before airing) was Created by Haxan, creators of The Blair Witch Project, and writer David S. Goyer. The talents of Haxan were highly wanted after the success of "Blair Witch" which took the media by storm.

Haxan decided to follow a similar strategy as Blair Witch and created a website, Way before the show was to air, called "" which was cleverly designed to look like an amateur website made by real-life paranormal investigators.

The website was almost successful and seemed to create some amount of "buzz" but this did not take it into high ratings when the show finally aired. The show went on hiatus for a few months before returning the air to finish out the season, but was not renewed for the next fall television season.

After an almost 4 year Hiatus the SyFy channel (currently SciFi at the time.) was ready to pick it up and had a whole new season on board. FOX backed out upon time of purchase. Since then no one has heard of Freakylinks again

I for one was a big fan and would personally like to see a movie. Well, Haxan will you surprise us?

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The Sites still up if your interested the last post was on Valentines Day, 2001. Here's The Link:


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