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This spring, Clive Owen appears in the film Last Knights, a swashbuckling tale of honor, betrayal, brotherhood and vengeance.

"Oh yeah? You and what army? Hahaha....uh oh."
"Oh yeah? You and what army? Hahaha....uh oh."

Clive Owen plays Commander Raiden, a tortured warrior that looks to regain the honor of not only his master but of his entire clan as well. Take a look at this TRAILER:


Clive has a charisma that bleeds through every film he appears in; no seriously. Whether he is toting guns in movies like Shoot 'Em Up, or making us question our own mortality in films like Children of Men, there's one thing that's certain: That man is smooth. Let me count the ways.

He can be an awesome villain.

In the opening moments of Inside Man, Clive Owen's character Dalton Russell gives a chilling monologue that makes the hair on your neck stand on end:

But He's Totally a Good Guy.

In 2006, Clive became a patron of the Harwich Electric Palace Cinema, giving the theater the financial boost it needed to complete some much needed renovations. True story.

Here's Clive effortlessly nailing the James Bond look.

There are still some Bond fans out there who hoped he'd become Agent 007.

But Last Knights proves there's a rugged side.

In Last Knights Clive Owen's Commander Raiden is a member of the Bartok clan. Besides being unstoppable with a sword, Raiden believes in the concept of honor. Maybe it's art imitating life?

BONUS: Clive was ahead of the curve.

Before 'branded content' and 'web series' were a thing, Clive appeared as The Driver in a series of web shorts called The Hire for BMW way back in 2001. Besides being the series that inspired The Transporter, the films featured a who's who of directors and supporting actors.

What's your favorite ? Sound off in the comments below.

Last Knights opens in theaters April 3, 2015!


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