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Back in January, we got a little hint at a new member of the Rogues - Captain Cold's sister, Golden Glider. All we saw was the prison transport carrying Cold and Heatwave being broken into, and Snart delivering the line "hey sis". For comic fans, this could mean only one thing, and for those who may not be familiar with the figure-skating villainess, I put together a little character profile here.

In short, Lisa Snart is is Captain Cold's sister, an ex-figure skater with modified skates that allow her to skate on any surface, along with a collection of gem-weapons that give her various useful abilities (hypnotic powers, teleportation, force-fields and illusions are involved). I had assumed that we would see those iconic skates, blonde hair and a hint of those jewelled weapons, but from these new stills, it looks like I may have been wrong!

From ComicBookMovie, these images from "Rogue Time" show Peyton List as Lisa Snart, with no skates in sight! There are some other things that are worth mentioning, though.

Her hair, for one thing. In some of the photos, Peyton is her natural brunette color, while in others, she has the same blonde locks as Lisa Snart in the comics. Interestingly, she seems to be brunette when she is with the Rogues, and when she is up against the Flash, but blonde in the shots where she doesn't appear to be fighting. Could this be part of her illusion abilities? It seems that she is using blonde hair as a disguise to meet [The Flash](series:1068303) and Cisco, perhaps as a distraction, or to find out some sort of secret?

Her gun is also important - so far, Captain Cold and Heatwave have some pretty epic weaponry, so it's no surprise that Golden Glider is going to have one of her own. We see a little of the yellow/gold color that is her trademark (thankfully, the skater-skirt has been ditched in favor of leather pants!), and there is something glowing in there. Could this be a take on the jewels that she uses, and if so, what are they? Unlike Cold and Heatwave, Lisa doesn't have a particular power (other than the skates), so there are a range of options. She's pointing it at a man in gold in one shot, so clearly it has the ability to do some harm, but what could that be? I would love to see a form of teleportation going on here, but I feel like we saw that already in "Crazy For You" with Peek-a-boo. (Worst. Name. Ever.) Force fields would be amazing to see - or maybe she can switch between powers depending on what she wants to do!

Finally, who is that man in gold? And is he wearing gold, or has she turned him into gold? It seems like we'll be getting a good look at some more of the Rogues here, and there are few left that we haven't already seen. Weather Wizard will absolutely be back, and from the IMDB listing, it seems that his brother Clyde Mardon will get a spot in this episode too. We've already met the Pied Piper and Captain Boomerang, leading me to believe that this may be a glimpse of the Mirror Master. Admittedly, he doesn't usually wear a gold suit, but it seems to have at least some connection to his uniform and powers, and he has a really phenomenal gun! Of course, it's very possible that he is just some flunky, and she has turned him into solid gold for some reason. Then again, if they know how to turn anything into gold, surely they would just buy an island somewhere?

The big question is; what will we see the Rogues getting up to this time? Whatever it is, I'm really excited to find out, and I can't wait to see such a kick-ass female Rogue!

Rogues Time airs on the CW, March 24th.


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