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If you read that title and found yourself harboring feelings of confusion and worry, I share those feelings with you. Nowadays, everything is being made into a show, so the thought of a show based on the popular [Grand Theft Auto](movie:749804) series isn't very surprising at all. It's a bit strange that it will be a BBC 2 produced drama, but it's not surprising. There's quite a bit of drama in GTA after all, and while I thought networks like FOX or perhaps AMC were more likely to make this, BBC is a great network and I'm sure they'll handle it well.

But what's REALLY surprising, is that this show based on a mature rated game series known for its elements of sex, violence and strong being used to encourage young people to learn coding, programming and digital technology! Because nothing says "Let's learn coding!" like suggestive themes and violence.

Apparently, the show is part of an coding and programming initiate called Make It Digital. I'm no expert in computer programming or coding, but I'm fairly certain that GTA isn't the best teacher for it. It's not the best teacher for anything really. Details about the show are scarce for now, but BBC has announced that more info about the series will be revealed in September. Let's hope they reveal just how they're going to get around GTA's M rated status. They could tone down or get rid of all of the suggestive themes, but then it literally wouldn't be Grand Theft Auto anymore. No matter which way you look at it, this is some really strange news. Still, I'm looking forward to seeing what this show will actually be about, hopefully it won't be a disaster.

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