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Any self-respecting fan of action flicks has pretty much no excuse to miss [Furious 7](movie:264263). I mean, yeah, it's the seventh film and typically these types of franchises burn out eventually. But from the trailer - and Jason Statham playing the lead antagonist - it looks like they're really upping the ante with the seventh installment.

In a movie that they could have just pegged as Paul Walker's final performance - which already would've been a huge draw - it looks like they went above and beyond to make sure it honored the man by being EVEN crazier and more epic than the first six films! One of those scenes, part of which you can find below, involves the cast in cars falling from an airplane with massive parachutes.

Really cool stuff here, yeah, but that's all just CGI super-imposed and not very impressive, right? Wrong.

The stunt team actually dropped cars from a C-130 plane, and there's a behind the scenes video that shows how it all went down. The most impressive part to me is how many people are involved, and how they had to be on the same page or else this could be incredibly dangerous.

Check it out!

No way. No. Freakin'. Way. They have the C-130, obviously, a helicopter, multiple cars flying at differing speeds, AND skydiving camera-men. Overall, this is pretty damn close to being as epic as the scene from the movie!

The 'Fast and Furious' stunt team always has to push it to the next level

Stunt Coordinator Andy Gill said what I think I kind of already knew - essentially, the team feels immense pressure to go even bigger than the past film whenever they take on a new Fast and Furious project.

Putting together a car parachute seems hard

The thing is, you need a really complex parachute to make sure that a freakin' CAR doesn't break it and go tumbling to the ground. These are the best in the biz, though, when it comes to ridiculous stunts.

Don't try this at home... not that you really could

If you want to duplicate this, you're going to need a helicopter, a C-130 airplane, some cars complete with car parachutes, and a pretty large team of stunt-men who are capable of tackling this project.

This is not this dude's first rodeo

It's simply already scary enough to skydive, but to have a task of getting the best shots possible from what appears to be a highly complex GoPro and to avoid bumping into flying cars makes the scariness level increase ten-fold.


Being a stunt-man is the coolest, probably most under-appreciated profession in Hollywood. You don't get any of the glitz and glamour of Hollywood fame, but you are risking your life to make sure the movie comes out well. I got respect for these thrill-seeking stunt people, I can't lie.

This is ridiculous

It looks like some of these stunt guys were truly cutting it close here with cars flying towards them. Man... this scene is going to be amazing!

Will you check out 'Furious 7', in theaters April 3rd?

(Via: Sploid, IGN)


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