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Good news, Daredevil fans! Not only is the show now less than a month away from hitting our (Netflix-ready) screens, but we finally have a much better idea of what some of the supporting roles are going to look like.

That's right, Marvel just announced six supporting actors, and their character's names - and as it turns out, a couple of them have a whole lot of previous experience getting up to no good in the Marvel comic-book universe.

Wondering which small time hoods Daredevil's going to clear off the streets in an early episode of the show? Well, odds are it's going to be:

Matt Gerald, aka Melvin Potter, aka Gladiator

Gerald will be playing Melvin Potter, described as "a machinist caught between a rock and a hard place", but who comic-book fans will likely recognize as the (occasionally reformed) villain Gladiator, one of Daredevil's first ever foes in the comics.

Or, alternatively:

Rob Morgan, aka Turk Barrett, aka Mauler, aka Stilt-Man, aka Terrible at Being a Super-Villain

Morgan will be playing Turk Barrett, who - much like in the comics - will be a "a small-time criminal in Hell’s Kitchen". What remains to be seen, however, is whether the show's Barrett will demonstrate his comic-book counterparts fondness for (and ineptness at) taking on the super-villainous costumes of other, often fairly ridiculous, super-criminals. Could we get more than one Stilt-Man in the show?

Peter Shinkoda Could Be In The Hand

The one big reason the actor is a prime candidate for Hand (a shadowy ninja group) membership? His character, Nobu, is described as "a Japanese businessman with an agenda all his own".

And in Daredevil comics, that almost always means The Hand...

And, finally, our three remaining actors:

Wai Ching Ho as Madame Gao, and Gideon Emery and Nikolai Nikolaeff as Vladimir and Anatoly

There aren't any hugely obvious comic-book counterparts for these three - Madame Gao is described as "a powerful woman running her own trade" and Vladimir and Anatoly as two Russian brothers looking to forge new names for themselves in America" - but they certainly suggest that the show's aiming to create a pretty vibrant and complex criminal underworld for Daredevil to slowly start taking apart.

Especially considering Daredevil show-runner Steven S. DeKnight's comments attached to the announcement...

"It’s an honor to be working with such a talented and diverse group of artists who vividly bring these characters to life...The challenge in bringing 'villains' to the screen is always in portraying them as three-dimensional characters. Our actors exceeded all expectations in this regard, crafting deeply flawed, wonderfully human antagonists."

...which sure do suggest we're set to see something closer to 'Marvel's The Wire' than the original Daredevil movie.

Which sounds AWESOME.

What do you reckon, though? Are there any details of the newly announced characters I've missed? Who else are you hoping to see? And just how much will we see of The Hand?



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