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Not that we needed any further proof that Robert Downey Jr. is a total badass and standup guy, but he recently proved that point even further by meeting with a seven-year-old boy named Alex.

Alex doesn't have to wear a magnetic chest plate to keep shrapnel away from his heart, but he was born with a partially developed right arm. Thanks to college student Albert Manero, who has been working extensively to develop affordable, bionic, 3D-printed arms, Alex is able to have a super prosthetic arm that garnered the attention of Iron Man himself.

RDJ turns on the Tony Stark charm to discuss Albert's work, present Alex with a newly designed arm, and compare their bionic appendages. Check out their awesome and adorable robotics meeting in the video below:

Robert Downey Jr. casually surveying his empire

You know, as a leading robotics expert and all, it makes sense that Tony Stark would want to be involved in Albert's cutting-edge work.

Meet Alex

Needless to say, Alex seemed a bit nervous at first to meet RDJ. I can't really blame him. That has to be overwhelming for any kid!

They share a love of robotics and fashion

In the words of the Doctor, "Bow ties are cool."

The unveiling...

Tony Stark, *cough* Robert Downey Jr. reveals his arm next to Alex's and Alex seems pretty pleased that they look the same.

Do you know who this is?

He might be a little bit shy, but of course Alex knows who RDJ is! As a father of three, it's no surprise that Robert Downey Jr. knows exactly how to interact with a kid to make him feel comfortable.

Even technical glitches can't hold these two back

Sorry, Tony, looks like you should invest in some 3D printers instead. Maybe talk to Albert about fixing that.

Matching Iron Man arms

Well if that's not just the cutest thing I've seen all day! At this point I'm convinced that RDJ is just turning into Tony Stark in the best way possible.

This story is great because it features the work of multiple heroes. Robert Downey Jr. is an amazing guy for taking time out of his busy schedule to meet with Alex and support this project. Don't you love when the people who play superheroes end up being super humans?

The other heroes are definitely Albert and his team. Albert's work with The Collective Project and Limbitless Solutions are using accessible technology to make the world a better place. Fist bumps all around for everyone involved!

Via: ScreenCrush, Office Videos, The Collective Project


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