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Mark Newton

There are some situations even superheroes cannot handle. Take for example, that most dreaded of painful interactions - the awkward waiting room.

Everyone knows time goes about 4 times slower than normal in a waiting room, and that's something which is not helped by the masses of interior design magazines from 1997 or the mountain of children's toys you're technically not allowed to play with, because, y'know, you're an adult now.

The creators of the Batman Vs. Darth Vader series of videos recently decided to throw The Punisher, Spider-Man and Electra into this hellish situation. I often don't go for fan-made internet comedy videos, but I have to say the sheer awkwardness of this one was actually right up my comedic alley. Take a look at The Waiting Room below:

So, what do you think would they be waiting for? Entry into the MCU perhaps?



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