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We are so used to seeing Disney princesses as kind-hearted, gentle and beautiful that we forget that as real-life people, they would probably wouldn't be so perfect.

And now, a Canadian illustrator and animator has gone over to the dark side of Disney.

Christopher Hill has re-imagined some classic leading ladies into a series inspired by the Seven Deadly Sins and paired the characters with a specific vice. In doing so, the talented artist pays tribute to Disney's most famous faces whilst giving us another perspective on their characteristics.

So which princess would represent wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy and gluttony? Take a look at these eye-catching illustrations and find out!

1. Tinkerbell: Envy

Considering Tinkerbell was always so jealous of Peter Pan and Wendy's relationship, "envy" is quite appropriate for the tiny fairy-dust wielding lady.

2. Jasmine: Wrath

If Jafar had tried to take over your father's kingdom and kill the street urchin you loved, I'm pretty sure you would also be raging.

3. Belle: Pride

As the more attractive half of the Beauty and the Beast duo, no wonder Belle is vain.

4. Ariel: Greed

Ariel is undoubtedly greedy and you just have to look at her stash of artifacts and "thingamabobs" to see the proof.

5. Cinderella: Lust

Although never in the story does Cinderella actually lust after her Prince Charming, as a young woman, she probably can't wait to be reunited with him in the bedroom.

6. Snow White: Gluttony

Let's face it, if Snow White hadn't had a habit of gorging herself on food and drink, she probably wouldn't have accepted the poisonous apple from the evil witch.

7. Aurora: Sloth

This one is most definitely the most unsurprising considering all Sleeping Beauty does is sleep for a large portion of the movie. Her slumber-inducing behavior even makes her be the princess with the fewest lines out of all the Disney movies. That is one lazy girl, right there!

So, are these princesses truly sinful? What do YOU think of this fan art?


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