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So first off, due to my lack of being a resident of the USA, this is not an entry to the superhero showdown contest, but that was the inspiration for writing the article, because I had this idea when I saw the contest and just couldn't resist writing it. Because this is the showdown to end all showdowns, for the world is only big enough for one overwhelmingly beautiful, long haired blonde superhero. So, without further ado, allow me to set the scene...

Aquaman is standing on a grassy hill, standing regally with his trident in hand and looking towards the sky. The sea can be heard in the background and gulls circle overhead Suddenly thunder booms from the clouds and Thor lands about five meters away, raising a cloud of dust from the ground. Aquaman continues to stand unflinchingly as the God of Thunder walks towards him.

Aquaman's mouth twitches into a smirk as he raises the trident, just as Thor raises his hammer, and they both unleash lightning upon each other. The bolts meet in the middle and they struggle towards one another, both trying to outdo each other. When they are face to face, both of them give a gargantuan push, locking weapons. The electricity starts to go out of control, and both of them give a massive effort to control it, before it explodes.

Aquaman is flung backwards, but Thor simply stands and grimaces as he absorbs the shockwave. Aquaman struggles back to his feet, realizing he no longer holds his trident as Thor runs at him raising his hammer for a killer blow. Aquaman falls back to one knee as Thor bears down on him, and as the hammer is brought down, rolls to the side, springs up and throws a punch at Thor, flooring him and causing him to drop his hammer. The two engage in a fistfight, Aquaman ducking and weaving around Thor and hitting his weakpoints. But eventually Thor's superior strength prvails as he gut-punches Aquaman, winding him, then he gives him a hell of a right hook, sending him flying.

A storm begins to brew as Mjolnir returns to Thor and he searches for Aquaman along the beach. Suddenly a lightning bolt hits him from the sky but he deflects it easily with Mjolnir. But as he turns back to his search, a massive tidal wave drags him into the ocean, sharks begin to surround him but he beats them back with ease, although the current continues to push him deeper and deeper to the depths until he hits the seabed, whereupon Aquaman appears behind him with a bloodstained face from Thor's punch and stabs him in the back. Thor opens his mouth to yell, but there is no sound and water rushes down his throat. Mjolnir crackles with lightning, stunning Aquaman and all the surrounding sharks, giving Thor a chance to fly back to the surface. He hovers over the water, allowing his stab wound to heal while watching the sea for movement.

Ligtning once again splits the sky, this time striking Thor in the back, where he was wounded, and Aquaman's trident bursts out of the ocean, sparkling with lightning. But Thor catches it, absorbing the elctricity it tries to repel him with. He spots movement beneath the surface and dives in, grabbing Aquaman and tossing him bodily out of the water and onto land. Thor then flies out of the water and lands next to him, once again raising his hammer to administer a fatal blow. But then the trident begins to pulse incredible amounts of energy into him, stunning him and causing him to drop it as he falls to one knee. Aquaman then rises, reclaims his royal trident and spears Thor through the heart.

And there you have it, some random guy on the internet (i.e. me) thinks that Aquaman holds a reasonable chance of defeating Thor, even though in reality, the fight could go either way. But it was fun to write, so I did so, and I hope you enjoyed it. So until next time guys, enjoy your lives.

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