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When I was a kid, my dad used to watch The X-Files a lot. I never joined him, primarily because the introduction sequence alone scared the crap out of me. I think it was was the combination of the creepy music and stock footage of weird paranormal stuff which really chilled me to the bone.

With talk of an X-Files television show reboot in the works, perhaps it's time to revisit the iconic introduction and update it to the modern televisual age? That's exactly what filmmaker Denver Jackson did with his new opening for a (presumably) rebooted X-Files. Check it out below:

Want to compare it to the original? Well, check it out below:

I have to admit, the original still wins out on creep factor, although the modern twist also has a lot going for it. Which one do you prefer?


Which X-Files opening is your favorite?

Source: GeekTyrant


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