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I've always thought of Final Fantasy Type-O as the slightly unhinged, erratic little brother to the franchise's core games, but if the brand new trailer for Type-0 HD is anything to go by, that little brother might just be about to upstage its behemoth of a sibling!

Type-0 HD is a new and improved remake of the critically acclaimed 2011 PlayStation Portable game of the same name. Scheduled for release on next-gen consoles, the game won't just be your run-of-the-mill port - the developers have listened to fan feedback and have optimized the gameplay specifically for home consoles.

Take a look at the latest kick-ass trailer and you'll see that this is a remake more than worthy of your attention!

For those not familiar with the original game, here's the synopsis:

The year 842 is the beginning of the end.
In an act of unprovoked aggression, the Militesi Empire invaded the Dominion of Rubrum. Imperial dreadnoughts swarmed the skies, assailing the unsuspecting countryside under the banner of the White Tiger. From amidst the flames of the besieged dominion, the Vermilion Bird rose in defiance, her crystal granting magic and mighty eidolons that her disciples might cast out the technologically advanced aggressors.
Thrust into the tumult of war, the fate of the world and its four crystals now rests on the shoulders of fourteen brave, young warriors.

Pretty epic stuff, huh? Take a look at a graphics comparison showing off the HD remake's glorious new visuals:

If the whole game looks as jaw-droopingly beautiful as this, I'll gladly play through this classic again!

Type-0 releases for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on March 17th.


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