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Midnight Rider director Randall Miller has become the first filmmaker to be jailed for an on-set death after pleading guilty to the involuntary manslaughter of camera assistant Sarah Jones.

Deadline reports that Miller, who has also worked on films Houseguest and Bottleshock, was sentenced to two years in prison, 10 years probation, a $20,000 fine, and 360 hours of community service.

Sarah Jones (pictured) died on the set of 'Midnight Rider' last year.
Sarah Jones (pictured) died on the set of 'Midnight Rider' last year.

27-year-old camera assistant Sarah Jones (pictured above) died in February of last year on the set of Midnight Rider, a biopic of southern rocker Gregg Allman, when she was hit by a train on a bridge in Georgia that they didn't have permission to be on.

Production on the movie was shut down in the wake of the accident.

Although there have been many instances of accident-related deaths on the sets of Hollywood movies, Miller becomes the first ever to be jailed for one. There is simply no excuse for his negligence. I'm all for directors aspiring to get the best shot possible, but not when it endangers the lives of their crew. A young woman's life has been cut tragically short.

Miller's punishment also prohibits him from serving as a director, assistant director, or supervisor in charge of safety on any film production during his probation.


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