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Rob Harris

Collectable figurines are great, especially when they're Dragon Ball Z-related. But what's the point in having Super Saiyans sitting on your mantlepiece if they can't throw out a cheeky Kamehameha once in a while?

Transforming inanimate objects into living animations, Brazil's ZW Design is behind this super impressive hologram effect, adding lightening and flames to a Goku toy. Check this out!

Pretty insane, huh? You can watch the full video below:

And the best thing about it, is that you can do the same to your toys at home! All you need to impress your friends is a 4-sided clear plastic pyramid and a drawing, or animation, with 4 different views of the image.

YouTuber RimstarOrg has a helpful walkthrough on the process that you can find HERE.

So get creating and show us what you come up with!


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