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We've been living without any news on Kingdom Hearts 3 for quite some time now. E3 teased us with the opportunity of returning to Sora's and Disney's worlds once more, and aside from an amazing fan event, Square Enix have been pretty quiet on KH3 ever since. Such seems to be a trend with the XBOX One and PS4 generation.

But as we've seen with the likes of DICE's [Star Wars: Battlefront](tag:2684021) , Disney are keen to have this upcoming game tie in with [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](movie:711158) . Could we see the same marketing strategy in Kingdom Hearts 3 with Pixar's [Inside Out](movie:332779) and Disney's [Tomorrowland](movie:731011) ?

Kingdom Hearts 3 New Worlds

What worlds will be in Kingdom Hearts 3?
What worlds will be in Kingdom Hearts 3?

We've no idea how many worlds Square Enix will be incorporating into Kingdom Hearts 3. Will these forgotten Disney movies be featured? Will these ignored princesses appear? We're still not entirely sure! But it's certainly not unheard of to see publishers like Disney advertise for their own products in other mediums. It's a great way to spread the news! Therefore, it could be quite likely that Tomorrowland and Pixar's Inside Out could make an appearance.

Tomorrowland in Kingdom Hearts 3

We've already seen how Kingdom Hearts 3 will feature a land inspired by Disney roller coasters. Apparently the rides themselves will be the enemies in some instances. Disney's upcoming 2015 movie is based off of a land at Disneylands all over the world. It gives rather crazy depictions of a futuristic, modern world and the film looks like quite the fantasy adventure, starring George Clooney!


We've seen live action films in Kingdom Hearts before. If Disney feel like Tomorrowland has enough to draw from in order to either give it its own world or include it in the Park World, I'm sure we'll see it! But naturally, Pixar is the world that we want to see the most in Kingdom Hearts 3. So many rich film experiences could greatly increase the power of KH3. And with a new Pixar movie on the way, we may be in for a surprise!

Inside Out in Kingdom Hearts 3

I must say, Brave was a pretty underwhelming film for me. It totally lacked in the exuberant imagination we've come to expect from Pixar Movies . But Inisde Out is teaming with imagination, that even the trailer has managed to win me over! It's so easy to think that Kingdom Hearts 3 could see us shrink small and go inside the minds of someone we meet. Maybe to clear out some heartless from the "inside out"?? Ha...ha...sorry.

Inside Out in Kingdom Hearts 3?
Inside Out in Kingdom Hearts 3?

I don't think it's so farfetched an idea that Disney could have included these movies in Kingdom Hearts 3. With their desire to increase any kind of word surrounding their franchises, winning over Kingdom Hearts fans with new IPs would be of great benefit to the company.

So what do you think Kingdom Hearts fans? Do you think we could see Tomorrowland or Inside Out in KH3 on its release date for the Xbox One and PS4?! Let us now which worlds you want to see the most in the comments!


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