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A lot of the famous franchises have there own versions of a season pass these days and among them is Battlefield. Starting in Battlefield 3 (BF3) they began Premium. It was a hit and got even bigger for Battlefield 4 (BF4). Now comes the next game of the franchise coming with a different approach of Cops and Criminals.

Premium has always offered great deals for us in its previous games. But is Premium for Battlefield Hardline (BFH) really worth it or at least still worth $50? Battlefield Hardline is only going to have 4 DLC's instead of the usual 5. You of course will get your usual gold battle packs once month, but the battle packs in Hardline really aren't as good as the were in BF4. You also get mask that your characters can where and will give you some kind of perk, but it is a gadget so how useful will the perk be? Then there is the competitive gameplay leader-boards that only premium players can be a part of which has many people irritated with Visceral for this. There is other perks for you getting premium of course. I personally think premium is worth getting but not worth getting for $50. I think they need to match it to the number of DLS's they make. So for this situation you would pay $40. This way if you are one of the people who buy it just to save some cash on the DLC's then you can still keep that good deal.

Personally I think since Battlefield Hardline is most-likely going to be in the series along with the "Battlefields", then they need to be a little for cautious on how they change and price things.


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