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I don't know about you guys, but I'm looking forward to the premier of iZombie on the CW this Tuesday, after The Flash. I may have to DVR it, but then I won't have to sit through commercials, which is a plus. Anyway, I remembered reading an article here on Moviepilot (I think it was this one) while I was reading the first volume of the iZombie comic, which I got for my birthday because of the upcoming show. Somewhere in the comments of that post, I read a comment about how IZombie will never be as good as The Walking Dead. Now, I don't really care for TWD; I've seen an episode or two when my brother or dad turned it on, but I've never really paid attention to the show nor the comics. However, I know enough about the show to know that iZombie and The Walking Dead are not comparable; in fact, I could see that as soon as I started reading the comics. The reason that these two shows/comics cannot really be compared lies in the fact that they are both stories from almost entirely separate genres.

I'll start with The Walking Dead. As most people who know about the show know, it's a survival story set after a virus caused the zombie apocalypse. A group of people have banded together and they're fighting their way through the hordes of zombies to find some place safe and free of the infection. TWD is, in short, a horror show; one with plenty of gore and blood and guts and creepy little girls.

Like her.
Like her.

In comparison, look at this picture of the lead zombie from iZombie:

iWonder if it's like eating noodles with chopsticks
iWonder if it's like eating noodles with chopsticks

Not quite the same, right? Which leads me to iZombie, which is a witty blend of horror, urban fantasy, and mystery. You've got a gravedigger zombie and her best friends, who are a ghost who died forty years or so before the story and a wereterrior (yes, you read that right). Now, those are the comics; the synopsis of the show didn't say anything about the ghost, or the wereterrior. It seems like the show is going to amplify the mystery aspects of the comics, as well as have the zombie live with her family, which wasn't what it was like in the comics. In the comics, she lived in a tomb and her name was Gwen, rather than Liv the way it is in the show.

Regardless of the changes from comic to show, however, I think it has become clear why it will be hard to compare iZombie and The Walking Dead on a level playing field with all of the differences. Sure, they're both shows that are based off of comics with zombies, but that's where the similarities end. TWD is a post-apocalyptic, horror survival story with blood and guts. iZombie is a witty mystery with the macabre woven in. Hopefully the show won't omit the wereterrior or the ghost, but even if it does, I think it could be a good show.


Are you looking forward to iZombie?


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