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Ian Somerhalder did good with his Vampire Diaries directorial debut, and as usual, this episode has only got me gagging for my next fix.

As usual, there are plenty of unanswered questions floating around my head, and below are a few of the ones I can't stop asking myself after last nights episode:

1. Did anyone know that Lily Salvatore was a ripper?

If there was no body in the coffin Lily Salvatore couldn't have faked her death with a decoy body, and seeing as she was a ripper with no emotions, why would she have even bothered?

Did someone (I'm looking at you Guiseppe Salvatore) know that Lily had been turned and invent the death backstory and bury an empty coffin to save the families reputation? It would make his hatred of the supernatural make even more sense.

Then again, maybe Lily Salvatore simply fled and her death was faked (again to save face) without anyone knowing that she was a ripper.

2. Will Damon still want to rescue his mother even though he knows the terrible truth?

Damon knows exactly the circumstances behind his mother imprisonment now, but will he still want to rescue her from the prison world?

I have a sneaky suspicion to this one will be a resounding yes. Damon's curiosity is likely to get the better of him, and seeing as he is her long lost son, maybe he will feel like he can bring her back?

If Damon isn't up for a rescue mission, I'm sure Stefan will think it's a riot now he has turned his humanity off... That is, if he ever gets wind of her existence.

3. How will anyone manage to bring Caroline and Stefan back if they are working as a team?

Now that Caroline and Stefan have turned their humanity off, how will anyone manage to bring them back?

Surely these guys newly-evil lovebirds will have each others backs and be ready to tear the throats out of anyone who dares to try and bring emotion into their lives?

Obviously separating them is an option, but I have a feeling that's easier said than done. Elena has her hands full with this conundrum, that's for sure.

4.How will Damon try to make it up to Bonnie?

No matter how much you love Damon there is no denying that he pulled a full on dick move on fragile, shell shocked Bonnie in this episode.

Dragging Kai to a rave that she was already clearly not enjoying was a terrible idea, and from the punishment that Bonnie gave Damon for his actions, almost unforgivable.

Damon clearly cares deeply for Bonnie after their time together so I'm sure he will be desperate to apologize to her, but how will he try to make it up to Bon Bon?

I have a feeling a nice little chat isn't really going to cut it, and that this betrayl could be the thing that finally pushes Bonnie off the precipice.


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