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Here we go.

DC versus Marvel. My dreams and fantasies are now coming to fruition. I'm still waiting on that one with Black Cat, Natalie Romanova & Kate Bishop (Hawkeye)... But that's a completely different posting... yeah... hmmm...



Ok where was I?

Oh yeah, that's right!!! DC Versus Marvel! This is something I've always considered, what would it be like to have the two titans meet, and what could some of the matches look like. One of my dream match ups would be between:


This is a battle between two of my favorite fighters. Let's set the scene.

Deathstroke hears the legend of the mystic city of K'un Lun, and of the martial expertise. Desperate to gain power and become stronger after his defeat by Batman (Arkham storyline) and after his escape from the police, he searches the Himalayan mountains for the appearance of the mystic city. After years of searching, he discovers the city and approaches, hoping to achieve ultimate power.

As he moves closer he comes to a long bridge connecting the city to the mountain range. he begins to cross.

From across the bridge, Iron Fist steps out.

Turn around. You are not welcome here.

Armed with only his blades and bowstaff- Deathstroke refuses.

I need to gain more power. I will not be defeated by the likes of you, child.

Iron Fist gathers his Chi and motions for Deathstroke to approach. He races across the bridge, reaching into his hip-mounted holster he whips out a set of throwing knives and launches them at Iron Fist as he spins his staff around and lunges.

Iron fist easily dodges the knifes and blocks the staff his Chi infused hands. Using Deathstrokes momentum he parries his blow and sends him flying back. As Deathstroke is easily as agile and trained in jujitsu, karate and other standard martial arts, he counters quickly and lands on his feet ready to attack again.

Deathstroke uses his intellect and begins to strategize his next attack. Iron Fist uses this time to begin his charge. He moves out onto the bridge, approaching Deathstroke. Iron Fist begins his assault.

If you do not wish to die here, you will leave. This place is for those worthy, and you are far from that.

Deathstroke avoids several blows, but Iron Fist connects with a roundhouse kick that sends him flying. Deathstroke sends his staff between the bridge slats and uses the kicks momentum to twist around and plant a two footed kick to Iron Fist's face.

Deathstroke lands on his feet as Iron Fist stumbles back and finds his balance again, blood trickling from the wound.

You will allow me to pass. It will be your choice if you're still breathing.

Deathstroke pulls out his blades and stands ready to attack. Iron Fist takes a slow breath and gathers his Chi to his fists as they glow white hot.

Deathstroke leaps at Iron Fist, slashing his blades. Iron Fist catches both blades in his now Chi-infused hands. Deathstroke pulls his blades back and continues his slashing onslaught. Iron Fist blocks the slashes and counters with a flurry of punches, landing one squarely on Deathstrokes mask, cracking it.

Deathstroke leaps back as his mask crumbles away. Letting out an angered howl, Deathstroke leaps forward again

You will let me pass. I must gain the power you possess.

Iron Fist laughs.

Until you understand that this power can not be gained, it can only be earned. You will never reach the power you seek. This power is beyond you, Deathstroke.

Angered, Deathstroke rushes at Iron Fist again. Iron Fist gathers his Chi and compresses it into another blow. Deathstroke leaps forward blades outstretched as Iron Fist dodges as channels his Chi into one final blow. He connects both fist into one huge body shot against Deathstroke's ribcage sending him across the bridge and down the cliff where he came from.

Deathstroke lays mortally wounded at the base of the mountain, unconscious. Iron Fist stands at the top of the mountain looking down to where Deathstroke landed.

You still breathe... Maybe one day, when you learn to seek power for the heart's sake rather than your own gain, then maybe you can achieve what you seek... Return when you are ready.

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