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Everyone I know knows how much I love movies, and once I started making instrumental music, I always had a film in mind for inspiration, here are the four pieces that I like most and that I feel in someways represent the film it inspired them the best.

1. Blade Runner

The film has a sadness to it, it its dark but it is also elegant, I tried to portray the sense of longing and lonelyness that the main character Rick Deckard has, I call this piece 'The Flower of Life'. You can stream it below:

2. Escape From New York

I'm a huge John Carpenter fan, with this piece I imagined Snake Plissken being chased by a bunch of bad guys after he probably screwed them over. It's called 'Metatron's Cube':

3. The Road Warrior

This is actually my favorite movie, I tried to create a moody track for what could be the opening credits for one of Max Rockatansky's many adventures. It's called 'Cosmogenesis':

4. Robocop

With this one I tried to blend the organic (guitar) with the electronic, to reflect Alex Murphy's half human, half machine body. I call this one 'The Brotherhood of the Snake':

Please let me know what track you liked best in the comments section below and please follow me on Twitter to keep you updated on several projects I'm currently working on.

You can also check out a score I made for an unmade '80s Italian slasher film called 'Terrore!' here.


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