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Ghosts, ghouls and demons are a plenty in Bloodborne's brand new launch trailer. Get lost in a world of darkness and fear!

From Software have released their highly anticipated launch trailer for the Playstation exclusive Bloodborne. The latest reveal has confirmed our worst nightmare and that is that it is indeed our worst nightmare!

Bloodborne takes place in the gothic ruined city of Yharnam which is rumored to house a potent medical remedy. Over the years, many travelers make pilgrimages to the city seeking the remedy to cure their afflictions; the player takes the role as one of these travelers.

Upon arriving in the city, however, the player discovers that Yharnam is plagued with an endemic illness that has malformed most of its denizens into bestial creatures. The player must navigate the streets of Yharnam and overcome its violently deranged inhabitants and horrifying monsters in order to survive.


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