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So, as we've seen back in 2005, studios brought to life one of Marvel's lovely but fierce female warriors, Elektra. And, let's be frank here: It just wasn't worth the effort of watching. I think my only favorite part of the movie was watching Jennifer Garner in that costume of hers.

Who didn't love this?
Who didn't love this?

But movies are more than costumes. Movies are about capturing the character that is Elektra. And that really wasn't put together well as we'd hoped. So I ask: Will there be a chance for 'Elektra' to come back, but better?

If there is let's talk about casting. First off........

Nina Dobrev as Elektra

I can see that in a red bodysuit.......
I can see that in a red bodysuit.......

Nina Dobrev, who is currently known for her lead role in the CW original series, The Vampire Diaries. Now I know Jen still looks pretty good, she's not getting any younger. Though it would be a good second chance film for her.

But Nina Dobrev seems the most likely choice for an 'Elektra' reboot.

Honestly, that's all I got today. I mean, if they want to do an 'Elektra' reboot, that's up to them, but unfortunately, right now (or anytime in the future) it doesn't look like there's a chance for her to come back. But that's just what I think. Comment below on what you think they should do with Elektra!


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