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So, I have very recently been thinking about AoU, and a new theory of Vision and Ultron came up.

What if Vision is Ultron's boss mode?

Many people think that Vision may be a villain in Age of Ultron, and a lot points toward that being true. So, What if Vision is Ultron's boss mode? We've seen many versions of Ultron throughout the trailer, but maybe not his boss mode. For example, in the latest Avengers: Age of Ultron; Cap throws his SHIELD and it gets stuck in Ultron until Ultron pulls it out. What if after that Ultron realizes he needs something stronger to defeat the Avengers? Could this be how Ulysses S. Klaw is brought in?

Would Black Panther be brought in?

What? We know Black Panther will be in costume in Civil War, but what if we see without costume in Age of Ultron? Ultron and Klaw pull a heist and make a deal with each other. Klaw helps Ultron get vibranium, while Ultron helps Klaw kill Black Panther or to take over Wakanda.

This theory would also explain why we see Vision apparently controlling the Ultron drones in the Avengers poster.

So, what do you think of my theory? Please comment below and tell me what you think. Until next time, Goodbye and thanks for reading!!!


Is my theory possible to happen?


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