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I went to see The A-Team in theaters about five years ago. My friend and I made up two of the handful of people in the theater - we both remarked that it probably wasn't a good sign for the production's bottom line. And we were right! It turned out that the box office numbers were truly abysmal.

I mean, check out the numbers. Fans weren't overly into it, money was lost, and Bradley Cooper's list of regrets possibly got one item longer.

Neeson and Cooper got out fairly unscathed though, with some big hits after this that kept them very relevant. And in Cooper's case, he upped himself from The A-Team to The A-List. But, we can safely assume that Fox isn't going to go for a sequel. HOWEVER, director Joe Carnahan released an image for what the team's van would look like in the next movie (if there ever was to be a sequel).

His quote reads, β€œFor all you A-TEAM fans. Found this. Concept for what the van was going to look like in the sequel. A Knight Conquest.”

Check it out! I have to admit it's pretty bad-ass...

From the looks of it, that thing is quite the gas guzzler... but The A-Team truly could care less about gas costs. I mean, it's likely that the meter will never hit "E" before that thing explodes after one of their excursions anyway.

I have to admit, I actually kind of enjoyed The A-Team. I thought at the very least it kept me entertained and engaged. It was nothing special, but I would've potentially checked out the sequel. Alas. We'll never see this bad-boy in action.... damn.

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