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I'll admit, the first time I saw the third Matrix, I wanted to hit something. Then, one day, I had a sudden qualm to rewatch all three. And after catching onto things I didn't catch the first time, I don't truly HATE Revolutions. Even though the third installment of the franchise didn't answer many of my questions, bored me with the Battle of Zion, and left me wanting more in a negative sense, I was still enthralled with the film when Neo was onscreen for the sheer fact I still cared about him.

So what did Revolutions do right? Admittedly, not much. One positive is that it does not have too many conversations that make your brain hurt.

*Cough Cough*

"Hello, Neo. I'm the cause of your massive headache."
"Hello, Neo. I'm the cause of your massive headache."

In all seriousness though, Revolutions does have its moments. For example, the scenes between Neo and Trinity, while few, are pretty well done in my opinion. Their love, while rushed, is still believable. It's no Han Solo and Princess Leia, I'll admit to that, but at least it's better than Twilight. Another positive to this film is the continuation of really cool special affects. The last thing Revolutions did right was the overall storyline of Neo. I'm not talking about the effects of his actions to the overall plot of Zion, I'm talking about how the scenes with Neo are the best in the film and how his story ends. Regrettably, if most of the film was just Neo, it would be either a really short movie or a really boring movie because he is journeying to the surface of Earth. What makes his story so great in this film is two-fold. First, Neo gives us a break from Zion. Second, his scenes provide the most tension in the movie. Be it going against an army of the machines with just Trinity at his side or the scuffle where he looses his sight(kinda) to the Agent Smith- infected Bane. Plus, he gets bonus points for(what I thought) was a tremendously cool final showdown with Agent Smith.

Now, the negatives of Revolutions is a lengthy list. For time's sake, the big three problems are the unexplained questions, lack of Matrix bullet time we all love, and the end of the movie. Warning, this may or may not turn into a rant.

First, and arguably most importantly, the third Matrix had A LOT of questions to answer after the second installment to the trilogy. How did Agent Smith come back? What was that old white guy talking about? Why did he have to make my brain hurt? Why did the Oracle make my brain hurt? Why did Agent Smith make my brain hurt? Wait, didn't Trinity say the EMP was the ONLY defense against the machines? If that is the case, why does Zion have giant MEC suits to fight the machines with? And a very long list of questions continues. After Reloaded, we expected some answers. Did we get them? Nope. What we received instead was a lot more questions. Like how is Neo able to channel his Matrixy powers into the real world? What's the deal with Neo's fire vision when his eyes get burned out? Why did Trinity get killed off a second time?(She died and came back to life in Reloaded) And the list continues. I understand that this franchise is supposed to be thought provoking, but there comes a time when exposition NOT delivered in cryptic dialogue is needed. If you want to leave the audience hanging at a cliffhanger, that's fine. However, if you pick up where the cliffhanger left us hanging and provide more confusing items when we are already confused, chances are we won't be happy.

Next, the absence of our much loved bullet time. Remember the first and second Matrix? Remember how many awesome kung-fu fights and shootouts there were? Well, the third installment has about 13% actual Matrix stuff in which there are two fights. What is this action replaced with you ask? LOTS. OF. ROBOTS. No joke, there is about 20 solid minutes dedicated just to the Battle of Zion. Factor in the rest of the film, and at least a third of the film is a giant action scene. I'm fine with battles being extravagant and/or long. Lord of the Rings and Star Wars both do this remarkably well. However, you occasionally need to have a little bit of downtime. Otherwise the audience will officially be bored out their minds waiting for something other than explosions to flash across the screen.

Lastly, the end to this film is awful. I have no problem with Neo sacrificing his life. What I am not okay with first is how the machines aren't ended. The trilogy can't end when the villain is not vanquished! You can't just put the machines on hold! The other thing wrong with the ending is how the Oracle said it's over. When asked how long this peace will last, she shouldn't have said anything. It should have ended right there. She should not have said "As long as it needs to." WHAT?!?!?!?!? The peace "needs" to stay. We need our happy ending!(Our at least a fulfilling one) Can I come up with a better one? Why not have the machines be destroyed by Neo using his outside-of-the-Matrix powers? Great? No, but better than,"As long as it has too."

In conclusion, the Matrix trilogy built up to end spectacularly. In some ways it did, but overall it flopped. It had its moments but was overall pretty disappointing. But everything that has a beginning has an end I suppose.


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