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With all this speculation of Spider-Man easter eggs and cutscenes of Marvel's biggest movie extravaganza of the year (not that I'm complaining) Age of Ultron seems to offer more questions than answers in the newest look at the movie.

Recently, AoU has been trending wide from YouTube to some fangirl's (or fanboy's) Tumble blog. If there isn't screenshots, there's gifs or Vines of our favorite superheroes in action going up against big ol' Ultron, the 'Loki' in this movie:

The Hulk's selfie game is on point in this shot, don't deny it
The Hulk's selfie game is on point in this shot, don't deny it

I'm not here to talk about that; what's really raising my eyebrows is the fact that in one clip from the trailer, we see Tony wearing an Iron-Man glove as he snatches the Chitauria Sceptar from its resting place, staring at it with gloomy and wearyingly eyes:

A source online released information, stating that the stone in the center of the staff is, in fact, an Infinity Stone *Le gasp*, but what part does it play in this film? Some fans have speculation that Tony uses the stone (possibly the Mind or Soul Stone) in the process to create the man-made God, giving him his conscious. Others believe they use it on the twins (or use it on Feig to sign over the X-Men rights) to get them on their side in order to combat the sentient being. Who knows what Joss Whedon has in store for us?

Is it possible that the staff is the key to defeating Marvel's universe version of Sosuke Aizen, a guilty man's plea for a hope that doesn't exist, or just to let fans know that Loki's return to the big screen is nigh?

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