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Tina Fey and Robert Carlock work together yet again to create a new Netflix original called 'The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmmidt'. It's an outstanding comedy that talks about independence, growing up, and rebuilding from the ground up.

First candy in 15 years? Who's not gonna pig out?
First candy in 15 years? Who's not gonna pig out?

The show starts out with four women being rescued from an apocalypse cult, thinking that the world was over - focusing on one of them starting life over in New York City. Kimmy Schmidt is fun, curious, determined, and morally good.

You might be thinking, "Sounds lame, there's no issues.." well, Kimmy and other characters, have to deal with hidden pasts, trying to make it in the big city, and stay happy in the process. Since the first episode, Kimmy was immediately rescued from being secluded from the world for 15 years, just to have them all catch up to her in a few days. Through it all, she still manages to stay optimistic and hardworking to meet her goal, AND continues to be HILARIOUS!

Making up the cast is Jane Krakowski (30 Rock), Ellie Kemper (Bridesmaids), Tituss Burgess (30 Rock), and Carol Kane (The Princess Bride). Working with Tina Fey and Robert Carlock (30 Rock, SNL).

Overall, this show is fun, hilarious, and uplifting. I hope that it lasts, and warms others hearts, as much as it did mine.


Do you think your'e going to go watch 'The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt'?


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