ByJordan DiBenedetto, writer at

The latest casting rumor for Spider-Man is that Sony is looking for an actual teenager to play Peter Parker/Spider-Man and grow up in the role which would make for a long series. I don't think this would be a smart thing to do because there's not really good teen actors who could take on such a big legendary role. I mean I like the stories of Spider-Man in high school but I don't want an actual teenager to play a teenager Peter.

I think they should cast someone in their early twenties and have him in high school for two films then bring him up to college then to his adult life and then you still have someone growing up in the role like they want and it'd be even better because there are good actors in their twenties (Dylan O'Brien).

I still want Dylan O'Brien to play Peter Parker/Spider-Man. He could pass a a high school student for two films easily. He's been playing a high schooler for quite a few years in Teen Wolf so we know he can pull that off.

Marvel and Sony, PLEASE listen to the fans. We want Dylan O'Brown to be Spider-Man and for a long time.


So what kind of Spidey do you want?


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