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Something that Scared me is that when I was younger like 10 or 18 I lived in the low in-come complex with my mother and younger sister. It wasn't the best place to live but it was all my mother could afford at the time. I mean it had some things that kids could do like play in a little park in the complex, the park had a slide that was rusty, the 3 swings where always broken oh the sandbox had cat poop in it all the time. But that's not what was the scarest thing, the town house that my family lived was right in front of the park. I had found out that the park was an old barrel ground for native Americans who had been tortured by the shawman who was supposed to be their doctor. He would barrie people alive if they didn't pay for his services. At least that's what I heard from my friends who told me the story. Anyways one night when I was sleeping in my room I was woken up by a noise in my room it was like someone was trying to close my door which was always open because I was afraid of the dark at the time. I remember putting on my glasses to see what going on, then I saw a very scary looking man standing behind my door staring at me with a creepy grin on his face. He was just staring at me I screamed for my mother but the sound wasn't coming out of my mouth. I felt so scared I wasn't sure what was going on I couldn't even trun my lamp that was right beside my bed. Then I felt something sit down on the end of my bed, I was even more scared but the person looked to be a young boy maybe a few years older than me who sat on the end of my bed didn't scare me like the man behind my door. I remember trying to scream again this time it worked. My mother and younger sister came running into my room. My mother turned on my bedroom light, I was screaming and bailing my eyes out how scared I was. I told my mother what happened why I was so scared, upset. She kinda laughed it off and told me that I was seeing things, to go back to sleep. I had a hard time falling asleep again but I felt safer because the ghost boy was still on my bed after my mother turned out my light for my bedroom. It's been years since l'ev lived in that complex but I found out that I wasn't the only person who saw the creepy man that liked to hide behind doors, stare at people.


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