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We all remember the buzz that was created by the info of Freddy Kruger from 'The nightmare on Elm Street Series' to be the part of Mortal Kombat 9 as a playable character. In same way just yesterday Jason Voorhees from Friday The 13th series got revealed to be the part of MK X and indeed the date was Friday, the 13th !

Just like Jason there are various other characters as well who deserve their spot in the Mortal Kombat X DLC.

Check out top 5 characters from the movies who deserve to be the part of Mortal Kombat X Universe as a playable character.

5. The Predator

No one can get over with the classic Arnold Schwarzenegger's Predator (1987). He has appeared in the Alien Vs Predator video games as well. He has got super reflexes and he eats the flesh of the humans and the aliens as well. He shows no mercy to his opponent. Although there are many requests made by the MK fans worldwide to make him as the part of playable characters but the rights are already under 20th Century Fox which is a rival company to WB. So to see him as a playable character will be tough but it can't be impossible.

4. Mad Max

Now this is one hell of an idea that can push the sales of this game in the market. A game based on Mad Max is on it's way as well which is also getting developed by Warner Brothers. Considering this, it's not going to be tough for them to include him in the MK X playable characters. Just imagine him using his shot gun in his moves and making use of his bike or his car in the X Ray moves and in the fatalities. If Mad Max game is going to be a hit then this character can be proved as one hell of a merit to be the part of this game. Oh and not to forget that Mad Max Fury Road is on it's way to be released as well, Tom Hardy is going to rock it.

I would love a lot to see Mad Max Vs Johnny Cage.

3. HellBlazer John Constantine

I know guys I know that he belongs to Vertigo comics but do you remember the game's creator Ed Boon adding up Scorpian in the Injustice Ultimate Edition as a playable character ? How cleverly he added this one of the favourite characters from MK universe to DC universe.

This John Constantine by the way is not that PG 13 rated John Constantine which comes under DC now and has managed to screw the image of R rated Hellblazer John Constantine belonging to the Vertigo Comics. Many fans of Injustice requested to see him as a part of Injustice but it was refused. Constantine is one hell of a Magician and an occult. He is the master of the dark arts. Just imagine him using holy water, spirit bombs, the crucifier cross in his combat and his fatalities and X Ray moves. It would look so cool of him using his Burning Cigarette as a prop in his combats. ( Jittersssss)

Oh he belongs to Vertigo and DC now so he can be a part of MK X without any complications that of reserved rights and shit.

2. Frank The Bunny

"The dreams In which I'm dying are the best I've ever had"

- Mad World (Michael Andrews and Gary Jules)

This creepy looking bunny belongs to the the cult hit film 'Donnie Darko'. Alright, I'm going to be very honest to you all, I never thought of him to be the part of MK X till I recently read an article where he was given as a suggestion to be the part of MK X universe. I gave it a second thought and I realized that yes it would be amazing to have him be the part of this game. Although his power is not popularized neither reveal much but it deals with the Time Travel and the prediction of the future.

Considering another hit amazing fighting game Tekken where there is a Kangaroo and a Panda as a playable character we realize that there is not a single character in the MK universe who is an animal besides Reptile with an animal instincts and also Ermac. Frank the Bunny, can be the part of MK X Universe and he can be amazing as well with his fatalities titled themselves as Mad World and his x Ray moves to be very creative and inventive. We have seen The Flash travelling whole world in the Injustice but we may get to see him travelling through time in MK X guys, just think about it.

Give it more thoughts guys, you will like this idea then I guess. He belongs to Pandora Cinema and New Market films.

1. Lord Voldemort

Ok Ok before you guys start to laugh out loud or lose your mind, I just want you all to give this a thought. There are millions of fans of MK franchise and also of HP franchise now just think about this with the inclusion of one of the most darkest villains in the history who will give a damn high kick to the sales of this game in the market. He has been part of PG 13 films but still have managed to create horror in the minds of the viewers. Now just think what if his brutal and darker side will be revealed through MK X and how epic that would be?

Think what tricks can he perform with his magic wand and what hell is he capable of unleashing on his opponents. His fatality can be simply termed by the name of spells from the Book and the movie, for example Avada Kedavra (killing curse). It will be amazing to see him using his wand as a prop and unleashing breath taking x Ray moves and Fatalities. I would love to see one of his fatalities to be titled as 'Harry Must Die'.

I don't know that how many of you have given this a thought but to me it appears to be very amazing.

Want To Know the best part?

WB owns Lord Voldemort and so it should not face many complications to add him up in the MK X universe.

With the revelation of Jason to be the part of MK X now I am looking forward to play this game. If Freddy is still going to be there as a playable character then we will get our Freddy Vs Jason X 2 .

If you think of few more characters to be the part of MK X universe then comment below and do let me know.

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Out of all these character which one character is the most deserving to be the part of MK X as a playable character ?


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