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Everyone always says that DC would beat marvel because they have martian man hunter and Superman. Well that is not necessarily the case i mean really? Marvel has Wolverine and Deadpool who can basically regenerate every single part of there body and thats not even talking about X-23 and Daken. They also have iron man who is a genius and if he where to talk on batman in a street fight Iron man would Kick the bats ass all he has to do is think and call upon all of his armour and BOOM batman is done. Oh yeah and martian manhunter is afraid of fire one word Green Goblins explosions, We don't even need a hero to deal with manhunter and not to mention Magnetos Helmet stops Psychic attacks from effecting him just a massive flaming metal pole and Manhunter is down. And i know what your thinking Superman. Easy Kill like i said i'm sure iron man would figure something to utilize Kryptonite and take down superman. Yeah so that covers some of the big players but what about the villains? Well Joker is an easy kill with carnage cutting of his head. Oh and Lex Luthor? please he'll just get his cut of with the joker. Now the Biggest threats are DoomsDay and the Lantern Corps but marvel has Galactus A planet devouring monster who can practically just beat everyone in the DC universe but he probably wouldn't as his main goal is feeding. Now For my Personal Favorite Fight Deadpool VS Deathstroke. Now while they both have a healing factor deadpool has something Deathstroke doesn't a carbonadium Sword. Basically what that allows deadpool to do is stop deathstrokes healing factor and kill him. But none of this matters you see because we all know what the deciding element would be The teams. Excluding the Lantern corps Lets see which teams DC has 8 major teams including 6 justice leagues, Suicide Squad, the league of assasins. I know what your thinking well you just proved DC would win or did i? You see Marvel has a few powerhouse teams of its own including The Avengers, The X men, The Deadpool Core, The brotherhood of mutants and even the dark avengers. If we bring that into consideration we know one thing for sure it comes down to 6 people not counting the other versions of deadpool. Deadpool, Wolverine and Daken vs Super Man, Martian Man Hunter, And Death Stroke. Hmm this seems Familiar oh wait i already proved Why marvel would win with these six you see Deadpool basically has access to an unlimited range of weapons and heres how he would utilize them to take down the last 3 fighters of DC. For superman well thats easy a kryptonite Rocket out of a Rocket launcher then a carbonadium Sword slash to cut him in half, for martian manhunter Magnetos Helmet and a flamethrower and Manhunters down and finally to finish with death stroke 3 carbonadium Swords to slice him in to 3 for Daken, Wolverine and Deadpool himself. So basically what this means is if DC ever where to take on Marvel those six would have to be absent to make it fair if not then it would be too easy. And That is Why Marvel would Kick DC's batman loving Ass.


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