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What do I mean..?

Okay so recently I've been reading a lot of marvel vs DC theories. Who would win etc. and I just really want to discuss this. I mean I am a DC fan boy and so this will probably - I'll try my best not to - make the outcome a bit biased. The main problem with other theories, that I find, is that they don't tend to account for every character. Most of them say things like "well between these two characters this one would clearly win" and they will make the argument to one side (Marvel or DC). And so what I'm going to do is - attempt - to look at ALL of the characters. Now that is a lot; There are 7,000+ characters in the Marvel universe and 10,000+ characters in the DC universe. So I'm really not going to be writing about 17,000+ different characters and what would happen if they went against each of the different individual characters from the opposite universe. Anyway, I'm waffling so I'll just get into it:

Getting into it:

The basic, fundamental idea between the battle of these two comic universe's is that there is a more-or-less identical powered character in the opposite universe (generally, I know that not all characters have a similar "twin" in the opposite universe). I mean obviously they can't be exactly the same but the fundamentals of each character are kinda the same idea. So for example: Batman and Iron Man, both 'normal' men, both intelligent men, both are superheroes without the super power. Yes, they are both different in more-or-less every other respect but what I'm trying to get at is: that if a war between the WHOLE of the two universe's happened it would be an even fight (well DC has more characters but that is just characters not just heroes or villains etc.).

People forget totally about certain characters in both universe's like: DC:- ATOM who is incredible powerful and brilliant and he could beat a lot of people, The Phantom Stranger who is seriously immortal, not Superman immortal or Asgardian immortal like actually, properly immortal and he can control reality (to a certain degree). Marvel:- Vulcan, the brother of Scott Summers, mutant, but Omega level. He can manipulate ALL forms of energy, and then absorb them. and Skaar who is the son of Hulk in an alternate reality that once (with a single punch) punched Juggernaut into the outer atmosphere and also cracking his helmet. He is way beyond the power of the original Hulk and his healing factor is superior to both the likes of Wolverine and that of Hulk. (I could go on forever with this).

The Phamtom Stranger
The Phamtom Stranger

The Battles:

Lets say that, so there is no argument, that the war is between DC and Marvel, so villains aid heroes and vice versa. Everyone in the same universe is neither good nor bad but just wants to kick the hell out of the opposite universe. And also I am going to have to remove one character from Marvel for this to even begin to be able to swing DC's way; One-Above-All, He is THE MOST POWERFUL THING EVER in either universe. He is meant to be represent Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and he can create characters, remove characters (not just kill them) and a lot of everything else. Although he could only have the power over the Marvel characters that still means he could create an unlimited amount of characters. So just for the sake of this argument he can't be involved. Maybe he's off creating something awesome or something. And the other thing is that all characters from each alternate universe is also involved, but repeats don't happen. So, the Thomas Wayne Batman is around but the Cyclops from that universe doesn't exist because he's more or less the same. I'm hoping this is making sense...

So lets talk about some battles:

  • So Batman Vs Iron Man. Who would win? Well I guess that's the main question but what i'm going to say is it doesn't freaking matter. Lets say Iron Man killed Batman, which is plausible we all know that (yes. even you Batman fanboys), Batman could come back as a Black Lantern and would 100% beat Iron Man. Or batman could have used the ring of fear and beaten the hell out of him originally. Right, so lets say that Batman beats Iron Man. Well Eternity could shape reality so that Iron Man came back from the grave. There is an endless amount of possibilities and I don't think that there would be an actual winner. Whoever won could just come back and beat the hell out of the other one or if not keep doing so until it happened.
  • Now how about... Superman Vs Hulk. Who would win? Well yep you guessed it, it doesn't matter. Neither superman nor Hulk are immortal; superman is described as "invulnerable" and even though Hulk is described as "immortal" Batman has removed his power and made him into Banner 24/7. But anyway, so Hulk beats Superman (which I think would likely happen as Hulk is absolutely relentless). Well then black lantern superman could happen or maybe it's superman prime. And then what if Skaar decides to join in with his old dad. And then what about superboy? There are so many different things that could happen.

So What Does this Mean?

Well, what would inevitably happen is that each member of each universe would out-do the other until everyone was destroyed. Not dead, more like obliterated. But then surely there must be someone there to destroy the last person..? Well yes is the answer to that. But I literally have no clue on that one. It all really depends on an ultimate amount of decisions.

Answering the Question: Who Would Win, Marvel or DC?

Well.... Both. If one character makes a significant choice in what they do then that will change the outcome. And it's not like it comes from one choice.. A lot of choices from each character will make a difference. Like would Batman decide to break the rule of killing people? Because if he didn't then the person he knocked out would just come back and well then he'd die... It's a very hard, very confusing idea. It's almost like the idea of thinking of how big infinity really is (as the number).


So tell me, who do you think would win?


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