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Galactus vs The Antimonitor, let's just do this.


Anyways what I've been wondering is that while of course Galactus super powerful he has been seen doing bad more than good. I know jobbing when I see it. But when we compare Galactus' great showings: beating Mephisto in his realm, beating FP Tyrant, fighting Inbetweener, his low showings: getting knocked over and out by strange, getting abused by Thor, getting launched by Thanos and the exerting himself breaking his shields enough to the point where he became hungry seems to me that he is overrated. This is not bashing. Big-G is one of my favorite characters. And as Much as I like to see Thor smashing into the side of his head and taking a piece of his helmet off with him, I dont see it as right....But, galactus does get hungry VERY VERY Often. So as soon as he uses up his energy. He needs to feed off more planets. Very big disadvantage.

His origins:

He is Sole survivor of the universe existing before the Big Bang, Galactus is perhaps the most feared being in the cosmos. Untold billions of years ago, he was born the humanoid Galan on the planet Taa, a wondrous paradise of scientific and social achievement; however, his universe was in its final stages, with all matter plunging towards a central point via the "Big Crunch", collapsing into a new "Cosmic Egg", a sphere of disorganized, compact primordial matter. Galan, a space explorer, discovered a radiation-plague threatening all of Taa. Though he was initially scoffed at, the truth became clear as the people of surrounding planets perished. Despite the efforts of Taa's greatest scientists, no cure could be found, and the population began to die off. Galan convinced the handful of remaining survivors to die gloriously by flying a starship into the blazing cosmic cauldron. The others were killed by the intense radiation, but Galan was filled with new energy and saved by the Phoenix Force of the dying universe. The sentient energy spoke to Galan as it brought him into the Egg.

Anti Monitor:

Anti-Monitor Eats Universes, to keep his strength up. Need i say more? He doesn't need to constantly feed. He's taken down universes on his own.

His main target is a bit SIMILAR to braniac. Instead of capturing Earth in a jar. Eat all of the earths in the multiverse. 'Cause Earth's the centre of the universe in DC and MARVEL. *Cough Cough* You have no idea *Cough Cough*

Origins: The Anti-Monitor is an enemy not only of the Green Lantern Corps, but also of the entire Multiverse. Billions of years ago, on the planet Maltus, there existed a race of blue-skinned and near immortal beings later to be called the Guardians of the Universe. One of these beings, Krona, was a scientist obsessed with the origins of the universe, even though a taboo existed amongst his people concerning the viewing of the origins of the universe. Krona created a machine that allowed him to see into the moment of creation. Somehow, his experiment disrupted the process of creation, with terrible consequences. The exact consequences have been rewritten over the years; originally, it was the unleashing of evil itself in the universe; later, it was assumed to be the creation of the evil antimatter universe of Qward.

It is fairly clear that Anti-Monitor is Superior. My thoughts are Anti Monitor.

Avengers Assemble!

Unite the Seven...Hundred and eighty eight.


Who would win? Galactus or Anti-Monitor?


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