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when i was 3 me my mum and dad moved house.we all setteld down well.

untill I reached the age of 13 i was in the shower and just got out ,my mum and dad were downstairs.I went in to their room as there was quite a draft in my own room.I was looking in the mirror in the bathroom and behind you could see my bedroom,i continued to stare at the mirror , when there was a tingly feeling,i turned round to see a woman with a face that was dirty and boney, the size of my room standing in the corner.I looked again and it was like she was gliching.Then there was a bang and it was the eletric box.It was black i freaked out ,i lit a candle and there she was crawling tomards me still gliching like movements . i sprinted downstairs screaming but as i stoped i rememberd my parents had gone out.There was giggling behind me with no eletric for maby an hour i called my friend round the corner.she rushed over i ans the door and i looked up stairs there was a little girl in a red dress stairing at me.My friend sprinted into the front room.A year later it was midnight and i had woken up and needed the loo i went without thinking what happend last year , i went to the batroom door and there was mist commimg up the stairs, i ran back to my own room and hid under the duvey i looked at the stairs and a face was round the corner looking at me i screamed ! .when i was 15 i again woke up to a little girl in a red dress hovering in my door way she was crying i asked her whats wrong she replyed saying i dont want you to get hurt , i was confused,she was stairing under my bed i asked her "whats under my bed " i turned to see the giching women right next to me . i was 16 and this time i hured tapping my cubord door opend not thinking i shut it again then my tv light was flashing,so i went for a walk and saw a little shed just in the middle of the field standing there was the lady i fell to the floor with sparks in my eyes i. could hardly see. i got up and sprinted to my friends apartment she asked me to help her move some boxes from the basement of the apartments, we went down in the lift to see the big black figure we pressed to go back up but it wouldnt move so we ran to the exit door we ran up stairs about 4 flights and looked down there was a hand on the banester we carried on up the stairs and reached her appartment she was looking for the keys when the figure was on the ceiling comming towards us fast we got in and there was writing on all the walls , little whispers, taps , creeks. we have moved now and were much more happy.


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