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OK, where to begin? This is a "contest" response to,manual

Since the dawn of superheroes, people have been creating and fusing superpowers to beings and recorded what comes out of the other end. That was then infinitely multiplied by what transpired when both Marvel Comics and DC Comics were brought into the same reality. Now I am an average comic book superhero fan, and yes I have my favorites. However, for this article I will put my fanboy ego to the side next to Wade Wilson for them to play together with Mr. Yellow-Box and Bob.

It seems to me that every time a conversation arises with superheroes and comics people begin to pit someone against someone else, or in this case one universe to another. Well we always get the same fights which involve the main "leaders" of the universe a.k.a. Superman, Ironman, Hulk, Flash, Wolverine, Wonder Woman, and so on and so forth. So I decided to make my response to this contest a little different in order to encompass my response in a totality and final reasoning.

These are my examples of the most outrageous, un-rivaled, and unparalleled fights of some of the most powerful "super characters" (Because lets face it some of them won't fit under the category of "Hero") of both universes.

My top three fights:

1.) Deadpool vs. Doctor Fate

So what happens when you pit an obviously insane, 4th wall breaking, immortal mercenary against a formally homeless guy with a gold helmet who can teleport literally anywhere, harness the power of Zeus, and create essentially anything out of thin air?

Well my view, you get a damn awesome show. Both of these guys can do most anything and let's face it since when has "Fate" been able to determine the outcome of Deadpool...Anyways, this bout would ensue on for millenniums if given the opportunity (Spoiler Alert: So do the next 2 fights.). There are so many reasons why this fight would be beyond EPIC that I am just not going to list down every single one that is popping into my head nor your's for that matter.

So, my result is simple. I have not seen nor heard of a particular weakness for Deadpool, but I have read one for Doctor Fate. Deadpool gets the edge in this fight due to the fact that he could find a way to remove Doctor Fate's gold helmet. Or if by some way Doctor Fate can hold every conceivable chimichanga hostage and guarded by cows. I for one, don't see that happening.

2.) Sentry vs. Superman (Wait for it.......) One Million

So someone decided that Superman was too weak for some reason, and figured that they should just toss him into the sun for a few hundred thousand centuries. What ensued was the creation of Superman One Million, long story short, take his resilience to Kryptonite and his mortality and just shove them both under the rug like they were never there. Also don't forget that this new sup'd up Superman has the ability of regular Superman's powers, but they are magnified by the millionth degree. Then bring in the all mighty Sentry, which rarely anyone seems to know about.....odd considering he's FREAKING POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE. No seriously, there's no record to how powerful he is.

First reasoning for pitting them together, it's the super character labeled with the powers of "one million suns," going up against Superman One Million. Interesting no?

Second, this match up is the epitome of awesome fights. This is due to the fact that both characters have an insane and sometimes innumerable amount of powers at their disposal, yet both have slight weaknesses, if you can label them as such. Since I literally cannot list all of the powers of both characters I will attempt to put a label on their so called "weaknesses." Sentry's only downfall that I can see is that he has a "dark-side" that is just as powerful and goes by the name Void. Due to the nature of his power of being able to alter reality and memory of every single person, it is unclear of who exactly Sentry is and what he is capable of. Superman 1 Mil on the other hand, also has a couple downfalls when it comes to this fight in particular. He would be susceptible to Sentry's ability to alternate reality, as well as Sentry putting him into a sunless void of empty space. And let's not forget about, oh yeah, Superman has no memory at the snap of a finger. Is it magic? If so Superman cannot be affected by it. Due to the nature of reality bending by Sentry, I'll just leave that one up in the air for now.

Final Round!

3.) Franklin Richards vs. The Spectre

This in all sense of the phrase is the fight of all fights of any two characters ever created in either universe. This is the fight that happens when people pit Marvel against DC. Let me just break this down to you.

Frankie Richards, a.k.a. the son of the smartest man on Earth and the hottest woman on Earth, Susan and Reed Richards. You would think that between the two of them, little Frank here would receive some little power that makes him an alright super being. Ha, well your wrong, and I guess creators just felt like they had enough of the regular old mumbo jumbo and and just gave him the power of due whatever the hell you want. Yeah that's right, little Franklin Richards over there just created you, say thank you. This kid has the power to create or destroy whole universes and realities. Even one better, he doesn't even have to be consciously aware to use his powers. If there is any character that can be labeled to have "limitless powers" it's him.

Who's DC's answer to whom is seemingly Marvel's "Perfect Character?"

The Spectre.

He is DC's only hope when it comes to a character even being remotely close in realm of possibility to beating Franklin Richards, and that's not even being sure. Spectre is the most powerful character DC has to offer. Showcasing the powers of well anything. He is infinitely powerful and can create and destroy universes in a mere thought. His bag of powers are as limitless as Deadpool's pocket, and he can overpower every DC character combined without even breaking a sweat. That is if undead Gods sweat at all.... So in fact, DC's answer to Marvel's "perfect character" is of course their own "perfect character."

The result: A Tie.

Let's face it, when it comes down to it there is no better universe. They each have their own amazing characters, power-wise or story-wise. The argument of who's universe is better is just as likely as the outcome of the fight between Franklin and Spectre. It's just not going to have a result. As clearly stated above, I chose Marvel as the winner due to the fact that my top two favorite superheroes are in that universe. So, when it comes down to it to decide which universe is better you can't simply decide on power vs. power. You have to just like one more than the other.

If you read through this, you are a superhero to me!


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