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Sing to the Dawn (2008) Poster

Sing to the Dawn (2008) at a glance

Sing to the Dawn (2008), also known as Meraih Mimpi, is a coproduction between Indonesia and Singapore. It is based on a story of the same title by the American author Minfong Ho which has been awarded first prize by the Council of Interracial Books for Children in New York in 1975.

Sing to the Dawn (2008) Trailer

Sing to the Dawn (2008) Synopsis

For Dawan, who is living with her poor but loving family, the best way to escape from rural life is to earn a scholarship and go study in the big city. But her father persuades her to marry the son of their landlord, and Dawan realizes that her dream conflicts with the stability of her own family. Dawan becomes aware of the landlord's scheme to takeover the village and build a casino, and must find a way to protect her village and the forest while also following her dream.

Sing to the Dawn (2008) Review


Sing to the Dawn (2008) feels like an extremely long music video. Despite having numerous unique characters, from talking animals to the village people, the animation is quite poor. With stiff bodily and out of sync voice-lips movements, the animated feature feels not so animated at times but it does have a great voice actress for the musical part.

Animals. Screenshots are from trailer.
Animals. Screenshots are from trailer.

This might be mean but I find Sing to the Dawn (2008) one of the weirdest animated movie ever made. Weird not because it is poorly done, it is mostly due to the true origin of the movie being quite uncertain. Audiences from both countries mentioned that it is their very own with rare mentions of the other country despite it is a collaboration. Most confusing, the true director of the film is uncertain as well; unless we all got the wrong guy, the director seems not to acknowledge his own work too.

Dana's father and the evil landlord, Pairot.
Dana's father and the evil landlord, Pairot.

Nonetheless, Sing to the Dawn (2008) does have some funny moments and noteworthy theme. Even though nothing is fancy here as it is realistically set in a small village, it touches on important issues such as arranged marriage, private ownership and social status.

Dana and Rai.
Dana and Rai.

Overall? Sing to the Dawn (2008) is not a bad attempt since both countries are considered quite new to the animation industry but the origins of this animated feature is weird, making it difficult to analyse. Still, nothing's wrong with girl with dreams right? Some may enjoy this, but I don't...

Who will like this?

Maybe those who like the storybook by Minfong Ho?

Details of the movie

Director: Philip Mitchell
Producer: Not sure.
Story: Minfong Ho
Screenplay: Philip Stamp
Cinematography: Not sure.
Music: Not sure.
Studio: Infinite Frameworks
Starring: Celine Rosa Tan, Gita Gutawa
Full Credit: [IMDb]
Distributor: Golden Village Entertainment, Mediacorp Raintree Pictures, Kalyana Shira Film
Country: Indonesia, Singapore
Language: Indonesian, English
Genre: Family Musical
Running time: 93 mins
Budget: USD 5,000,000 est.
Box office: Not sure.

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