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I know there's gonna be a lot of controversy over who is the real victor in a battle like this but everyone is titled to their own opinion and here's mine.

I believe that in a fight Marvel has the upper hand because of several reasons.

First of all, Hulk! Hulk is practically indestructible, he has class 100 strength is invulnerable to aanything, he cant be mind controlled, breath underwater, and withstand temperatures up to the sun. I know what you're gonna say....but superman can..... Not so fast, Hulk doesn't have a mortal weakness. And im not assuming anything but what if gamma radiation was actually made from kyptonite? I mean its green isnt it?

Second. Galactus! He is a creature that existed before the big bang which we all know killed all his people and he is the only survivor. Galactus is made up of pure cosmic energy and devours planets for breakfasts.

Three. Thor! Let's not forget the Norse god of Thunder. His hammer mjlonir cam only be picked up by those who are worthy, I know. .... but superman. Enough, he can't take them all down at the same time.

Forth Wolverine! He's gone face to face with the hulk, enough said!

I could keep going but I'm just gonna list others who are the key factors of Marvel victory.

Deadpool, hes killed the entire Marvel Universe.

Thanos, decedent of superior beings, masters of the universe.

Mr Fantastic aka the smartest man in the marvel universe along with Tony Stark and Hank Pym.

Dr Doom, classified as one of the toughest and most dangerous villains in Marvel.

Silver Surfer, crated by Galactus, he shared the same abilities.

Did I miss anything? Let me know below!


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