ByAngéla J Smith, writer at

Come on guys, let's face the cold hard truth the horror genre has become far fetched these days. It's not like you have a stark raving mad man like Jack Nicholson or growing a fear of the Candy Man. We now have horror movies promoting sex more than they produce gore. I like my movies bloody,scary and downright ruthless. I think the industry is trying way to hard to sell than to entertain the true horror genre fans. It's time that we start making better movie where we actually get scared and have to jump out of our seats.

I grew up watching horror and I watch it still today. But I am more into watching a ROM-COM than a horror flick any day! Why you may ask because they have commercialized it and I rather just laugh than watch a horror movie where I already know where the movie is going to go. I think we all need to rally and ask someone to make a really good scare this pee out of you kind of movie.


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